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Willie Nelson: Special Treatment In Texas?

In November of 2010, musician Willie Nelson was charged with possession of six ounces of marijuana. These illegal drugs were found on his tour bus about 85 miles southeast of El Paso.[1] This is certainly not Nelson’s first brush with the law. The country singer has long been an outspoken proponent of legalizing marijuana and has been open about his marijuana use.

Willie Nelson then arranged a plea bargain that reduced his marijuana possession charge to possession of drug paraphernalia.As a result, Nelson was given a $500 fine. As part of the agreement, the charge will clear from Nelson’s criminal record if he stays out of trouble for 30 days.

The prosecutor handling the case upset the judge by suggesting Nelson could pay just a $100 fine if he’d serenade the court with his 1975 hit “Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain.” Judge Becky Dean-Walker immediately vetoed that offer when it crossed her desk. Walker said “My court is not a jester court. I understand that people are star-struck, I’m not one of them.”

Marijuana Addiction

While marijuana use is common with celebrities, it is still a very dangerous and illegal drug. The drug has many side effects. A recent study compared the short-term memory and information processing speed of people who used marijuana in the past 4 weeks to people who had never used it. The recent marijuana users remembered less and processed information more slowly than the people who never smoked. The test concluded, “Cannabis use is associated with cognitive impairments that persist after abstinence.”[2]

Marijuana is also a gateway drug, meaning that the use of it can lead to the use of other drugs. The assumption there is that this usually means other illegal drugs. The truth is often marijuana use leads to alcohol abuse. A recent study found that adults who reported marijuana use were more likely than non-users to develop an alcohol use disorder within 3 years. Those who already used marijuana and had an alcohol use disorder at the outset were at greater risk of their alcohol use disorder worsening.[3]

If you or someone you love is battling a marijuana addiction, please call The Canyon at our toll-free number. Someone is there to take your call 24 hours a day. We are glad to answer any questions you have about treatment, financing or insurance. Don’t wait any longer. Take this important step toward a healthy, happy life.

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