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Anxiety Disorder Treatment and Dual Diagnosis

Anxiety disorders, in which a person suffers from symptoms like paranoia and panic attacks, are mental illnesses whose cause has not yet been found. However, these types of disorders are often found in patients who suffer from drug abuse and addiction.

Many times, the symptoms of drug abuse and addiction match the symptoms of anxiety disorders, and a person may receive treatment for drug abuse without ever having their anxiety disorder diagnosed. For this reason, it is important to contact a qualified health professional if you suffer from drug addiction and have symptoms of anxiety disorder, as this may indicate that you need to undergo Dual Diagnosis treatment, which will accurately determine the root cause of the anxiety disorder symptoms.

Anxiety Disorder Causes and Dual Diagnosis

The exact cause of anxiety disorders is not known, but chemical imbalances may have a role to play, just like they play a role in other diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Because drug addiction affects the chemical balance of the body, taking drugs for even a short period of time has the potential of bringing about an anxiety disorder, even in a person who has no history of mental illnesses. It is important to receive Dual Diagnosis treatment to determine the root cause of the symptoms of anxiety disorder, otherwise, you may go through treatment that is centered on treating the wrong disease. There are other factors that can influence anxiety disorders as well, such as genetics, environmental factors or traumatic events.

Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis in Drug Rehab

Although the cause of anxiety disorders has not yet been determined, there has been a great deal of progress toward this goal in recent years, and improved treatments have been developed for people with many types of mental illnesses.[i] Although drug addiction co-occurring with an anxiety disorder can be difficult to diagnose, it is not impossible to do so, and it simply takes the dedication, knowledge and experience of a seasoned professional, like those at The Canyon.

Sometimes, drug addiction can be a large factor influencing the onset of an anxiety disorder, or it can be a small one. Regardless, if you suffer from drug addiction and the symptoms of anxiety disorder, then you need to seek Dual Diagnosis treatment. Without this valuable treatment, the root cause of your anxiety disorder might be misdiagnosed, leading to further problems in your journey. Some of the treatments used to help patients with anxiety disorder co-occurring with drug addiction include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), dietary changes, medication and psychotherapy; all of which are offered and used at The Canyon.[ii]

Anxiety Disorder Treatment at The Canyon

At The Canyon, we understand how hard it is to be addicted to drugs and suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Our seasoned professionals can help discover the root cause of your illnesses, and will work with you to form a custom-tailored plan of recovery that will help you break your addiction and treat your anxiety disorder.

With help from The Canyon, you’ll soon be free from your illnesses and back to a normal, healthy life. Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline now to speak to a knowledgeable admissions coordinator about how to begin your journey free from the control of anxiety and drug addiction.