Alternative Treatment: Anxiety Disorder and Depression

When you suffer from anxiety disorder and/or depression, the most important thing you can do is seek help. Some common symptoms include: sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, lack of sleep and/or appetite and recurrent thoughts of death or self-harm.[1] For those who seek treatment, it usually takes some time figure out what medicine helps you feel better. You may even turn to addictive drug to balance out your moods and fight off the panic attacks.

If you need drug addiction treatment, the best way is to undergo dual diagnosis treatment. When you do, you treat your addiction as well as your anxiety disorder or depression at the same time.

The Mind & Body Connection

For many, traditional treatments such as antidepressants and other medications are often the primary method of treatment. For others, the connection between mind and body is one that requires a more thoughtful approach. Perhaps antidepressants don’t work well for you. Maybe the medication fights anxiety attacks but creates side effects you don’t like.

Alternative dual diagnoses treatments may help you treat your anxiety disorder and depression symptoms in a more natural way.

Anxiety Disorder, Drug Addiction and Depression

There are a number of options that we incorporate at The Canyon that will speak to your issues with depression, anxiety and drug addiction simultaneously.

Tools such as meditation, guided imagery, breathing techniques and repetitive prayer can help you to relax. You will create a safe space to go to when you feel you’re anxious or are tempted to relapse.

These exercises or alternative therapies work with both the mind and body. The effects are not only short-term as you practice them. Rather, they have long-term benefits too. Yoga reduces fatigue, improves general health and regulates cortisol which is a hormone that regulates stress.[2]

Clinical studies show positive effects on physiological processes like heart rate and lower stress levels.

Rehab at The Canyon

At The Canyon, we treat depression and mental disorders in addition to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our dual diagnosis rehab combines traditional treatments with alternative therapies. You will receive a comprehensive and efficient treatment. You can be sure that you will receive treatment that is uniquely made for you according to your experience. Each week, you will analyze your treatment plan with your personal therapist. Together we will determine which therapies are working, as well as which areas of treatment you want to change as you progress.

If you have any questions about the alternative treatments we have available in our dual diagnosis rehab, contact us at The Canyon today.


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