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On November 10, 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed The Canyon at Peace Park’s treatment facility. At this time, The Canyon at Peace Park is not accepting patients for any services. Click here to learn more about our closure or request medical records.


The Canyon is here to help you (or a loved one) on your path to health and recovery. We offer the best integrated treatment in the country set in a peaceful and healing environment. Please take a moment to hear some of the thoughts that have been shared with us from recent graduates of our program. For more information, please come visit or call us anytime.

Rob Waggener
Division Vice President of the Addiction Services Division at UHS
Foundations Recovery Network

" The generosity of the staff and peacefulness of the surroundings has given me a serenity and safety I had never experienced before."


" To me, The Canyon is much more than a place to get sober. The slogan says it best, it really is a healing life experience. Now I have the capacity to live everyday to it’s fullest, and when there are bumps in the road I have the skills to overcome them. I am forever grateful to The Canyon for starting me on my path to a productive and fulfilling life."

-Halley K.

" When I came here I still wanted to drink. I talked about it every day. There was a change that was slow. The only way I can explain it is a miracle happened for me there. I still wanted to drink, then all of a sudden, I wanted to be sober. The Canyon allows you to be who you are. It’s safe and loving. most importantly, it allows you to find out who you are."


" When I first came to The Canyon, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to get sober. I found cool people, great staff and good vibes. I felt like I was part of a family of sobriety, people I wanted to stay in touch with forever. …Now I have 6 months sobriety and am starting school."


" The Day I got to The Canyon, I was completely hopeless, broken and lost. My addictions and depression had taken over my life… I recognized right away the extreme competence of the staff. But looking back now, I realize it was their love and nurturing, not their clinical skills, that made it possible for me to begin to heal… it saved my life – in every way."