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What Parents Should Know About College Binge Drinking

college binge drinkingCollege binge drinking is a serious problem for most college students across the country. College is a time where young men and young women first experience a life without restrictions. It is not a surprise that many students take full advantage of the fact. With no curfews and no one to answer to on a nightly basis, one of the first things that most kids do is go out drinking.

When binge drinking becomes a problem, college students develop health problems, do poorly in class and lose out on the opportunities for the future. If this describes your situation, please call us at The Canyon.

What Is Binge Drinking?

Binge drinking is defined as the intake of more than four or five drinks in a row in one session. If you rarely or never drink otherwise, this is considered binge drinking.[1] College students tend to drink a lot on the weekends (especially at games or parties) but hold off when they have classes. Most college students are binge drinkers in their first year of school. They’re excited to be out of the house and meeting new people and trying new things. However, binge drinking is a serious health risk.

When It Becomes Alcohol Addiction

Some people say that drinking a little too much every so often—as long as you don’t drink and drive or participate in unhealthy behavior—is not a big deal. This may be the case for some individuals. But the problem lies is that experimentation can lead to binge drinking and hangovers. The next logical step is alcoholism or alcohol addiction. Over time, as you drink more alcohol, you build up a level of tolerance to the drug. Alcohol addiction or alcoholism can start even in these early years. Alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, is a disease that causes cravings, a loss of control, physical dependence and tolerance.[2] Like any medical condition, you must identify the problem and seek treatment to have a full recovery.

Getting Help for a Binge Drinker

getting help for binge drinkingIt can be difficult to confronting your teen on his or her college binge drinking behavior. Few college students recognize the severity of their problem, no matter how obvious it is to others. An intervention is a good way to gather those close to your teenager. This group confronts him or her with specific examples of how dangerous the drinking is becoming. The goal is to get your teen into alcohol rehab immediately to prevent further damage.

Rehab at The Canyon

If you or your loved one struggles with alcohol abuse or binge drinking, please call one of our trained medical professionals at The Canyon. Comprehensive alcohol and drug rehabilitation services are available both for teens and adults. Our drug addiction treatment first addresses the physical addiction. Then you receive treatment dedicated to why you feel compelled to drink. The next state of treatment is to learn new ways to cope with the stresses and social pressures. It’s time to put down the drink and to embrace a life of recovery. Please give The Canyon a call today.

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