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On November 10, 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed The Canyon at Peace Park’s treatment facility. At this time, The Canyon at Peace Park is not accepting patients for any services. Click here to learn more about our closure or request medical records.

Prescription Drug Addiction Among Seniors

The senior population is the group most often prescribed controlled substances. About 17 percent of seniors over the age of 60 will be affected by prescription drug abuse according to one study, and another study says that 11 percent of women over the age of 59 are currently addicted to prescription drugs. Recognizing prescription drug addiction in seniors is tricky but hugely important. The health effects can be devastating and the money spent on unnecessary prescriptions crippling. If you or someone you love is over 60 and dealing with prescription drug addiction, call us at The Canyon for treatment. Senior […]

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Pain Medication: Does It Increase Pain As Well as Cause Painkiller Addiction?

It’s well known that regular and continued use of prescription painkillers like Vicodin, oxycodone, codeine, Percocet and others ultimately lead to prescription drug addiction if it continues unchecked. But a new focus for the medical and substance abuse treatment community is how the presence of prescription painkiller use, abuse and addiction can actually lead to the increase in the experience of pain.

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Percocet Addiction and Treatment

Your Percocet addiction started in the most innocent way. After surgery for your car accident, you had a lot of pain. Your doctor prescribed Percocet to help you out. After a short while, true pain relief was hard to come by, despite taking an ever increasing amount of pills. Before long, the sensations you got from the Percocet felt better than your real life. You developed a Percocet addiction. How did it all go so wrong?

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