Risks of Marijuana Abuse and Addiction

Few people are lying in a gutter due to marijuana addiction. Not a lot of bank robberies, violent crime and aggressive behavior are chalked up to marijuana abuse. However, there are a great number of risks that come with long-term marijuana addiction, and these risks can be just as devastating to a person’s goals, career, family, finances, and personality as any other drug of addiction, including alcohol. Take a look: Marijuana Addiction Marijuana addiction itself is perhaps one of the biggest problems caused by long-term marijuana abuse. Addiction will lead people to believe that they are physically and psychologically dependent […]

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10 Signs of Marijuana Addiction

The first step in recovery is recognizing whether or not you have a problem with a drug, alcohol or a combination of substances. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to be objective when gauging your own drug use or that of someone you love. To help you determine whether or not you are addicted or in the beginning abusive stages of drug use, follow along over the next few days as we look at different drugs and their signs of addiction.

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