Amphetamine Abuse and Your Immune System

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The human immune system is an amazing set of biological structures and processes that protect against bacteria, microbes, toxins, viruses, and other agents that cause sickness and disease. You may be surprised to learn that your immune system is interconnected with your central nervous system, which sends, receives, and interprets information signals within the body. This connection becomes clear once extreme stress affects the central nervous system. Under great stress, a person’s immune system can weaken and become more susceptible to an illness. How Amphetamine Misuse Impacts Your Health Amphetamines can be prescribed, or they can be traded illegally. Illegal […]

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What Are Psychedelic Amphetamines?

What Are Psychedelic Amphetamines?

On This Page: Effects Risks Treatment Help The world of psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs can be quite complicated. Those without biochemistry degrees may be surprised to know that hallucinogens fall into several different groups or classes. These groups are defined by the way these drugs operate, and they include: Serotogenic Psychadelics: These drugs impact serotonin receptors in the brain, including DMT, LSD, and psyilocybin. Entactogens: These drugs are most similar to amphetamines, and may be considered “psychedelic amphetamines” in some circles. This group includes drugs like MDMA. Dissociatives: These drugs are more likely to cause depressive effects and withdrawals and […]

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Dear Friends,

On November 10, 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed The Canyon at Peace Park’s treatment facility. At this time, The Canyon at Peace Park is not accepting patients for any services. We arranged for the safe and seamless discharge or transition of all patients when we were forced to evacuate due to the fire.

For over 12 years, The Canyon at Peace Park has been privileged to provide integrated treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders to patients across the nation. Our main focus has always been on our patients and their success. We have served hundreds of patients and their families, providing exclusive treatment and services for a wide range of behavioral health and addiction issues.

Our trained, compassionate staff has been committed to delivering quality patient care with dignity and respect, with the goal of helping our patients return to their communities as healthier individuals. We are extremely proud of the sacrifices of those who worked every day, often under challenging circumstances, to positively impact our patients’ lives.

We thank the physicians and staff for their expertise and dedication in providing high quality, compassionate treatment and care to the patients we have served.

We look forward to carrying on The Canyon at Peace Park’s legacy through our outpatient locations in Santa Monica and Encino. Foundations Recovery Network also has other residential and outpatient facilities around the country offering the same high quality of service you’ve come to expect from us.

If you need help finding treatment, please visit or call for more information.

To request medical records please contact UHS-NRO Records Department. Fax a copy of the completed/signed ROI form to FAX# (615)-997-1200 or it can be emailed to [email protected] If you need additional guidance on medical records, please call (615) 312-5834


The Canyon at Peace Park Leadership Team