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On November 10, 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed The Canyon at Peace Park’s treatment facility. At this time, The Canyon at Peace Park is not accepting patients for any services. Click here to learn more about our closure or request medical records.

Private Treatment at The Canyon

What is private treatment? Private treatment is the space to grow and become yourself, your best self. It is peace and quiet. It is companionship and compassion. It is growth and recovery.

Private treatment is tried and effective. The Canyon values the evidence-based and proven recovery techniques offered by all top addiction care providers. You will receive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Every one of these practices is backed by the most up-to-date addiction recovery science and studies. At The Canyon they will be offered by skilled, experienced professionals and customized for your unique needs and situation. As your treatment progresses, the therapy, attention and care you receive will evolve with you.


What Will I Do in Private Treatment?

Private treatment means you have the space and freedom to explore additional integrated and holistic options for recovery. You can choose complementary forms of therapy. These are techniques that support more traditional forms of care and supplement your recovery. At The Canyon you have access to open skies, time among the trees and walks on Malibu Beach. We encourage meditative and creative practices. You are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of our meditation dome and therapeutic sweat lodge. You can take art therapy classes or join in a yoga practice. If you want a break from quiet contemplation, you can join an adventure therapy program. We offer guided hiking trips, ropes courses, equine therapy and more.

We have found that our, “…patients are more than twice as likely to maintain sobriety one year post-treatment compared to those who attend traditional programs.”1

This time is about more than making your recovery fun, healing and unique, although these are certainly benefits you will experience. We have found that our, “…patients are more than twice as likely to maintain sobriety one year post-treatment compared to those who attend traditional programs.”1 Private treatment is about making your recovery complete and lasting. Every supplemental option is designed to further your recovery. Peaceful practices encourage insight, calmness and reflection. Active, adventurous options challenge self-imposed limits and develop trust, accountability and self-care. Combining alternative practices with proven clinical techniques allows for integrated recovery. It allows for healing on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. Our private setting gives you the opportunity for complete, holistic recovery.

Private treatment involves personal growth. It also emphasizes community. Rooms are shared so that while there is space for independent development, there is also connection for nourishment and understanding. Sharing with others is healing. In private treatment you learn how to rebuild healthy relationships in a safe, guided setting. You learn recovery techniques from people who have faced similar challenges. You share your own story to the benefit of self and others. Group work is a core component of treatment at The Canyon. We know the value of connection and compassion. Our private setting means you truly get to know the people you are learning with and learning from. You build relationships that last and that support recovery for a lifetime.

A Small, Like-Minded Community


Community at The Canyon includes connections to staff in addition to peers. We use a patient-centered care model. We value healthy, trusting relationships between care providers and patients. Because we offer care on a private, small-scale basis, we offer a high staff-to-patient ratio. We get to know who you are as a person. We see how you change and grow, and we respond to this. We support and encourage you. Our care and attention means we are uniquely able to diagnose and treat co-occurring addiction and mental health issues. We learn what practices work for you and suggest complementary treatment options and therapeutic practices. Private treatment means healing on all levels.

The experiences of others in our private treatment programs speak for themselves. Our emphasis on both personal growth and community support may be why over 90% of patients at The Canyon would recommend this program and facility to others.2 Through our program you will come to know yourself, build lasting therapeutic relationships with care providers, and learn from others. As you find hope and recovery in your own life, you will learn how to pass on the message of hope and recovery to others.

You can find the freedom, peace and community of recovery. The Canyon is here for you from the moment of considering admission, through treatment and on into your life of recovery. Recovery is a journey, and private treatment means you will find healing and support now and long into the future.


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