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OxyContin Addiction

OxyContin, a prescription painkiller medication, has become a drug that is not only used legally, but illegally as well. Over recent years, more and more people have started abusing OxyContin due to its highly addictive properties and because it can cause withdrawal and craving symptoms in patients who become addicted to it.

Normally prescribed to help relieve extreme pain in cases of things like surgery or accidents, illegal use is becoming a big problem.

How OxyContin Addiction Works

OxyContin works by interfering with your brain’s natural processes and artificially stimulating it to produce endorphins and increase feelings of pleasure in your body, without actually causing anything good to happen to you.

This causes a physical and mental addiction to the drug as you and your body comes to rely on it to get pleasure, instead of relying on natural pleasures that come from life. People’s activities will rapidly turn to focus on getting and consuming more OxyContin, until that is the only thing that they think about or do. People will routinely neglect friends, family, school and work responsibilities to obtain more drugs, and may even turn to theft or violence to obtain more.

Therapeutic Uses and Addiction Risk

Oxycontin is used mostly for chronic pain problems such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, bone fractures and dislocations, cancer, and other medical conditions associated with moderate to severe pain. Along with pain relief, Oxycontin can affect a person’s state of mind. It acts as a depressant to the nervous system, to the lungs, to the digestive system, and so on. The more a person takes, the more a person feels these effects.

Because a person can get Oxycontin legally with a doctor’s prescription, the drug is relatively accessible to many people. Even a few websites sell the drug illegally across international borders. No matter how a person gets the drug, it doesn’t take too much extra use to see the signs of physical dependency. It is most easily abused by crushing the pills to inject, ingest, or inhale.

Most who are addicted to the drug visit multiple doctors to get the quantities the need. The amount they take would far exceed one normal prescribed dosage. Unless each doctor makes thorough checks on prescriptions from other doctors in that person’s name, an addiction like this could go on for quite a while unnoticed.

Physical Dependence

Physical dependence is never intentional, but can happen when the body has enough of a drug that it adapts to its presence and starts to rely upon it and develop a tolerance for it.

As this happens, more of the drug is needed to create the same feelings of pleasure, and the user will have to continue to increase their dosage levels. If a person tries to stop taking the drug, they will experience withdrawal symptoms, just like if they were addicted to another drug, like heroin or cocaine. However, withdrawal symptoms from OxyContin can be far worse than those from heroin, and trying to quit on your own is close to impossible. This is why it’s important to seek the help of a health professional if you are addicted to OxyContin.

Withdrawal and Cravings

Cravings for a particular drug, like OxyContin, occur because of memory imprinting that happens when a person takes the drug and receives feelings of pleasure from it. Once the feelings cease, the body instinctively wants to feel them again, which causes cravings to surface. If the person does not take another dose of the drug in time, they will start to experience withdrawal symptoms, because the body has become used to having the drug in circulation and does not know how to respond when there is a deficiency.


If you’re suffering from opiate addiction to drugs like OxyContin, there is help available at The Canyon. We provide patients with a wide range of treatment options and therapies that can help them break their addictions and live a life free from the ravages of drug addiction and substance abuse.

By using a unique combination of medicinal and behavioral therapies, The Canyon is able to successfully assist patients who have varying stages of addiction. Call us today for more information about our opiate rehab at The Canyon.