The Canyon at Santa Monica Staff

Lynn Marie Saso, MA, LMFT, ATR

Clinical Director

The Canyon at Santa Monica and The Canyon at Encino

Lynn Marie SasoLynn Marie Saso received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a minor in fine arts at Chapman University and her master’s in psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy, specializing in art therapy, at Phillips Graduate Institute. She began her work in the field of psychology by utilizing art therapy, working with children, families and adolescents in a hospital setting, and then moving on to community mental health, working with adults who were chronically mentally ill. From working with adolescents, mental health patients and intricate family systems, she found that co-occurring disorders were a common thread. Through this, Lynn Marie developed a passion to support and help patients express their emotions, needs, concerns and milestones throughout the life cycle with expressive art therapy. She is excited to bring her knowledge of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), art therapy and many other therapeutic modalities to her work with patients, supporting their recovery and helping them find their voices.

Carly Bachrach

Business Office Manager/Program Lead

The Canyon Santa Monica and The Canyon Encino

BachrachBorn and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Carly Bachrach joined the Canyon at Encino team as business office manager in August 2016. Initially beginning her career as a preschool teacher, she pursued the mental health field after realizing her passion for helping others along their recovery journey. She earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Colorado State University and a master’s in psychology from Phillips Graduate University. She is also a credentialed school counselor.

Over the course of her career, Bachrach has gained experience serving as residential manager, administrative coordinator and residential supervisor at various facilities, including The Canyon at Santa Monica and The Canyon at Encino. Working with patients both on a business and clinical level, she considers it a joy to celebrate their progress and witness their hard work. When she’s not working, Bachrach enjoys racquetball, concerts, the beach, a good book and spending time with friends and family.

Anna Aslanian, MS, LMFT

Primary Therapist

The Canyon at Santa Monica

Anna AslanianAnna Aslanian obtained her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with an additional professional emphasis in Body Image Concerns/Eating Disorders from University of La Verne, following a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Northridge. She has worked with a variety of clients including children, college students, couples and families struggling with relationship problems, and individuals with acute psychiatric disorders.

Anna specializes in working with couples (focusing on problems such as infidelity and recovering after an affair, intimacy problems, separation and divorce, improving communication, codependency, parenting, addictions affecting relationships); individuals going through difficult life phases; grief and loss; individuals who have experienced trauma in their past, and feel depressed or anxious.

Her therapeutic approach is geared towards meeting the unique needs of her clients while empowering them to transform their lives and improve their relationships. She uses a variety of psychotherapeutic modalities. Additionally, Anna is licensed in the states of FL and NY, and speaks Armenian and Russian for clients who have those language needs.

Amanda DiGiulio, MA, LMFT

Primary Therapist

The Canyon at Santa Monica

Amanda DiGiulioDiGiulio brings a long-standing career as a film producer and a depth-oriented approach to her clinical work as a therapist. She began her journey by retelling human interest dramas that explored lives marginalized through criminal negligence, sexual abuse and addiction. Through this work, she discovered a growing need to see through wounds toward a deeper understanding of what motivates the human spirit. She earned her master’s degree in clinical counseling and depth psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute and is working as a licensed marriage and family therapist at The Canyon at Santa Monica. In addition to her role as a primary therapist there, she supervises and facilitates the weekend family program. Digiulio recently completed “Dream Tending” certification with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, deepening her narrative practice and analytical orientation to psychotherapy.

Rodney Aquino

Patient Care Coordinator

The Canyon at Santa Monica

Rodney AquinoRodney Aquino received his Bachelor of Science in health administration at California State University at Northridge in 2015. He has 10 years of experience working in the healthcare field. Prior to The Canyon at Santa Monica, Rodney worked for an outpatient laboratory service for six years. He also created an exercise program for a senior and disability center focusing on health prevention. Rodney is active in various sports and enjoys powerlifting. He also has a passion to care for the need by setting an example in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Joel Morris

Consulting Psychiatrist

The Canyon at Santa Monica and The Canyon at Encino

Dr. Joel MorrisThough he hails from New England, Dr. Joel Morris completed his schooling in the Midwest, which included extended training in geriatrics and forensic psychiatry. Additionally, Dr. Morris studied acupuncture in New Zealand and China, which he continues to practice. His work with a diverse group of cultures has deepened his understanding and empathy for others. Throughout his psychiatric career, he has worked with people struggling with addiction within inpatient, residential and outpatient settings. In addition to psychopharmacologically, he supports the individual to co-create his/her own life with a strength focus. He believes that to create a ground where addiction no longer has deep roots, one needs to bring in elements of creativity, transcendence and the possibility of rewriting one’s own narrative. The Chinese symbol for crisis is the same for opportunity. In the same way, each addiction crisis brings about the possibility to deepen and change one’s life in a more meaningful and self -directed way. Additionally, Dr. Morris believes that it is the responsibility of the practitioner to be a model and vehicle for change, meeting the client in dialogue, compassion and patience.

Deborah Rosenberg

Office Manager

The Canyon at Santa Monica

Deborah RosenbergDeborah Rosenberg attended California State University, Bakersfield, and began her career as a consultant in the health insurance industry 25 years ago. While working as the vice president of a financial services organization, Deborah saw the need to teach clients how to navigate through the insurance company systems. She then created a specialty in health insurance advocacy and became one of the first brokers in the state of California given permission to use this designation.

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After eight years as an executive in the insurance industry, Deborah began her own business, Pathway Insurance Services. Pathway incorporated her knowledge of working with organizations and designing employee benefit programs. It was exceptionally rewarding to present insurance products to employees and to educate those less familiar with insurance on how to effectively use their benefits and advocate for themselves.In addition to her business attributes, Deborah is a Reiki III practitioner. She is dedicated to providing a safe place for those on the path of growth, awareness and healing.It is a gift to witness our clinical team at work. We demonstrate the reality that “our patients are not only in our care… it is that we care.”