How Education Can Prevent LSD Addiction

LSD is a hallucinogen that does not cause physical dependence and addiction. However, many people become emotionally and psychologically addicted to this powerful drug. Understanding addiction along with its side effects and withdrawal symptoms can help you prevent drug use and addiction in your family and community.

Knowledge is power, and knowing as much as possible about LSD addiction is the best way to prevent it from happening.

LSD Side Effects

LSD distorts how people perceive reality through powerful hallucinations. Additionally, it also produces unpredictable psychological effects that can be dangerous and perhaps even life threatening.

Other physical side effects include:
  • Increased heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Sleeplessness
  • Loss of appetite

An LSD high, also called a trip, can last up to 12 hours. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 779,000 Americans age 12 and over abused LSD at least once in the year 2010.

LSD Abuse Symptoms

LSD tolerance happens quickly, so people who use this drug will find that they need more of the substance each time to produce the same results. However, because LSD is so unpredictable, using more of this drug can be dangerous.

Abusing this drug can cause serious side effects, so if you suspect a loved one uses it, then you should look for the following symptoms:
  • Dilated pupils
  • Salivating or dry mouth
  • Tingling fingers or toes
  • Weakness
  • Emotional distress, anxiety, depression, disorientation or paranoia
  • Dizziness, nausea, rapid heart rate and convulsions
  • Sweating or chills
  • Blurred vision
  • Inability to perform complex tasks like driving or operating machinery

LSD can also distort time and space, and create intense sensory experiences and sensations of an out-of-body experience.

LSD Abuse Education

Educating young people about the dangers of LSD use is an important step in prevention. People may avoid using this drug through in-school drug awareness programs, community drug education and talking with their loved ones about the dangers of drugs.

Discussing the dangers of LSD trips and life-threatening side effects with your children can protect them from a life of drug addiction.

According to Time magazine, “Studies show that the more often families eat together, the less likely kids are to smoke, drink, do drugs, get depressed, develop eating disorders and consider suicide, and the more likely they are to do well in school, delay having sex, eat their vegetables, learn big words and know which fork to use.” Educating people about LSD addiction, whether through organized programs or around the dinner table, is the best way to prevent drug abuse.

Help for LSD Addiction

Even though LSD is not physically addictive, it can have some devastating psychological side effects. If you or a loved one struggle with LSD abuse, know that we can help. Our recovery professionals are here to answer your questions about addiction and to help you find the right treatment program for your unique needs. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline, 877-345-3299 right now for instant help.

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