Nutrition in Treatment: What’s on the Menu?

When you begin to weigh the pros and cons of different drug rehab facilities, chances are that menu choices are not at the top of your list of priorities. It’s just food, after all. How much could it really matter as long as there’s something to eat?

Actually, nutrition should play a much larger part in your drug rehab choice than you realize. Nutrition is an essential part of drug and alcohol detox, the first phase of treatment, and integral to the rest of treatment as well. Most addicts and alcoholics don’t eat well during their bouts with addiction. They come into rehab depleted of essential nutrients. Not only should your experience in drug rehab replenish those nutrients, but meals should be designed to help you detox the toxins out of your system and when you return home, you should have the ability to continue your new, healthy lifestyle.

Personalized Menus

When you enter your drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, you will undergo an initial assessment that will include a nutrition segment. If you have any dietary needs or restrictions, you can let your counselor know. Food allergies or sensitivities, a dislike for certain foods, or any health conditions that require a certain diet are all important things to let your nutritionist, medical professionals and counselors know about. In some facilities, if you have a goal for your weight or preference for certain foods, you can receive a personalized menu to help you reach your health goals.

Detox and Beyond

When you come into drug rehab, not only are your vitamin and nutrient stores depleted but your body is harboring a number of chemicals from the drugs themselves as well as whatever they were cut with.

Detox not only helps you to break your physical dependence upon your drug of choice but also helps you to flush your system of these toxins. This doesn’t stop after the initial phase of detox but continues throughout treatment: organic local fruits and vegetables, fresh free range meat and spices used to stimulate the body to release these toxins.

Lifestyle Choices for the Future

When you return home, you’ll be in the habit of eating regular, healthy meals and will be able to continue the good choices you began during drug rehab. Ask your chef for recipes if you like. Take note of the times of day and portions that you are served to replicate them at home. Educational classes on good nutrition will also be available to help you replicate your dietary experience on your own.

Rehab at The Canyon

The Canyon prides itself on taking advantage of the fresh local produce here in California and make it a large part of every meal. Free range chickens and cows provide the rest of the meal through meat, milk, cheese and eggs. Each meal is designed to provide the utmost in detox and health benefits.

If you have any questions about dietary restrictions or other health aspects of our program, contact us today.