Issues with Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting, bewildering time filled with many decisions about your health-care and that of your baby. If you’re addicted or dependent on drugs or alcohol, this can be even more confusing.

The thought of becoming a parent and being responsible for another person’s wellbeing may have you reaching for the very drugs you know you shouldn’t be using.

Pregnancy is unpredictable, even without the obstacle of addiction.¬†Getting off drugs is the first step, and if you’re thinking about it, you’re ready to do it. Waiting only prolongs the problem and increases the risks of life-threatening complications and lasting birth defects for you and your baby.

Variables During Pregnancy

Regular drug detox from substances which are not opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine, or prescriptions like hydrocodone or OxyContin) are usually safe for both mother and child if done slowly, under a doctor’s supervision. It’s unpleasant, to say the least, but if done early enough your baby will also have time to detox before his arrival, which reduces the chances of being born an addict.

If you’re over age 35, pregnant with multiples, or have co-occurring disorders, the risk of complications during detox significantly increases.

Consult with your doctor about these important issues and pay attention to the risks before deciding if detox during your pregnancy is the best option for you. Above all, medical supervision is a must for any woman attempting to detox while pregnant.

The Dangers

Medical detox from opiate-derived substances is hazardous, and can be fatal.

The best way to manage this type of addiction when expecting is with methadone – a synthetic drug that blocks the effects of opioids and allows the user to slowly detox under a doctor’s supervision with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Your baby is likely to become addicted to methadone while in the womb and will usually require a two week period in the hospital for observation and supervised weaning, but this scenario is much safer and has fewer side effects than beginning life as a heroin addict.

When You’re Pregnant and Already a Parent

Concerns for your child’s safety and wellbeing naturally come before your own needs.

The absence of a parent is tough on any child, more so if that parent is the primary care-giver. Separation anxiety affects the mother and child equally, it is human nature for a mother to provide and protect her offspring. For this reason, it is most important to find reliable, qualified childcare while you are in treatment so that you can focus on recovery. If family or friends are not an option, social services can provide temporary childcare during your residential stay.

Entering a Detox Program When You’re Pregnant and a Victim of Domestic Violence

Research reveals substance abuse among women is linked to a higher risk of battery from romantic partners.

Staff members are trained to identify the signs of abusive relationships and will take precautions to ensure the patient’s safety. Pressing charges, requesting restraining orders, and referrals to domestic violence/women’s health centers can be made from the safety of the treatment center. Additionally, help with parenting skills and referrals to aftercare counselors and childcare may be necessary to protect the long-term security of mother and child.

Help at the The Canyon

The Canyon has a strong, clinically based treatment program addressing all aspects of an individual’s chemical dependency, psychiatric and emotional needs. Upon admission, each client is assessed by an internist, addictionologist and a psychiatrist, and then monitored throughout their stay in treatment here.

We supervise your drug rehabilitation and provide medical prescriptions to help ease your withdrawal symptoms when necessary. We also provide you with a healthy diet to help you maintain your energy and get through the detox as quickly as possible. Additionally, there are a wide variety of stress-relieving and therapeutic services available at The Canyon both during and after your detox.

For more information on the details, contact us at our calling center today.