The Health Dangers of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine’s effects are short-lived, intense and pleasurable, often involving:

  • Euphoria
  • Feelings of power
  • Intense bursts of energy
  • A sense of invincibility

However, once this brief euphoric episode wears off, users are left with intense feelings of sadness and depression. The crash from the previous high can last for several hours and cause the user to feel extremely lethargic, and a user might sleep for several days.Moving from high to low and back again can be troubling enough, but the medical complications from cocaine can be even more severe.

Cocaine has the ability to work directly on the cardiovascular system, influencing the heart rate and the flexibility of the arteries. According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, these effects aren’t dependent on the size of the dose of cocaine taken.[i] Even people taking a small dose for the very first time could have a heart problem. Sometimes, those heart episodes result in death.

Long-Term Problems

dangers of cocaineMedical complications from cocaine can be swift and devastating, but there are other symptoms that take a little longer to manifest. Some depend on the method people use to take the drug. Inhalation is one of the primary methods of ingesting cocaine, and prolonged use can lead to nasal passage damage and a consistent runny nose. Injection, another popular method of ingestion, can lead to an increased risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis C. Cocaine can also be swallowed, which can cause severe damage to the intestinal tract and bowels.[ii]

Mixing cocaine with alcohol can be similarly deadly, as the two substances combine to form cocaethylene, which stays in the body for a long period of time and is more toxic than either alcohol or cocaine alone. Unfortunately, death due to the poison created by the combination of alcohol and cocaine is not uncommon, as many cocaine users will drink while they snort, swallow or inject the drug.

Depression and anxiety are also common among people who abuse cocaine, as the drug seems to alter the brain’s ability to regulate emotion.Without the hit of that addictive drug, the brain can’t seem to get control over a person’s mood, and that state of emotional distress might persist for weeks or even months, driving some people back to using cocaine.

Treatment at the Canyon

Cocaine can be damaging or even deadly, but treatment can make a world of difference. If you or someone you love is struggling with cocaine, we’d like to help. At The Canyon, we provide a variety of well-known and new therapeutic options, providing our clients with the chance to reclaim their lives. Group therapies, individual therapies and family therapies are incorporated with treatments like psychodrama and adventure/ropes therapy to create a truly unique drug rehab experience. The Canyon’s treatment programs are specially tailored for each patient and reviewed weekly to ensure that every person receives the highest quality care possible.

Call us at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to find out more. Our knowledgeable and caring admissions coordinators can help you begin your journey of healing from addiction. We can even check your insurance coverage for you to see what benefits you are entitled to. Let us help you begin a new life today. Please call now.