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Cocaine Nicknames and Street Names

Slang for Other Drugs

Cocaine is used alone just as often as it is used in along with other drugs. In fact, many use cocaine as a way to stay awake. More energy means more partying.

Others use it to enhance the effects of other substances. Whether it’s smoked, snorted or injected, used in combination with other substances or alone, cocaine is a drug that goes by a variety of nicknames and street names. Below is a list of a few of the many terms used across the country to refer to cocaine.

For Cocaine

The slang terms for powdered cocaine are so numerous that it’s almost impossible to list them all here. Some of the most popular include:

  • Aunt or Aunt Nora
  • Batman or Bazulco, Hubba
  • Bernice, Bernie, Bernie’s flakes or Bernie’s Gold Dust
  • Big bloke, Big C, Big flake, or Big rush
  • C, C dust, C game, or Candy C
  • Birdie Powder, Bouncing Powder, or Bolivian Marching Powder
  • Blow, Stash, Girl, Snow, Star, Stardust, or She

The list goes on and on and varies across the country according to region.

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For Crack

Crack is the small, rock-like form of cocaine combined with another hardening substance. Usually smoked in a glass pipe just large enough to accommodate it, crack is just as addictive as the powdered form of cocaine, and it has almost as many nicknames:

  • Black rock
  • Blotter
  • Bopper
  • Trey
  • Yam
  • Yay
  • Purple Caps

Base. Basing. Based out…basically the word freebase in any form describes the action of or the person who smokes crack, i.e., base crazies who search for coke or crack on their hands and knees or base heads who freebase.

Topics of Interest:

Cocaine Drug Combinations

Just as there are a variety of drugs to combine with cocaine, so too are there a number of terms to define the process for street use purposes. Two popular combinations and their names include:

Marijuana Joint or Cigarette Sprinkled with Cocaine:

  • Banano
  • Blunt
  • Geek Joints
  • Premos
  • Primos
  • Bazooka
  • P-Dogs
  • 51
  • Sherman Stick
  • Tio
  • Splitting
  • Woo Blunt
  • Woo-Woos
  • Woolies
  • Woolas

Cocaine and Heroin:

  • Belushi
  • Boy-Girl
  • H & C
  • He-she
  • Murder One
  • One and One
  • Smoking Gun
  • Snowball
  • Whiz Bang
  • Speedball
Terms for other drug combinations include:

  • Beam me up, Scottie, and Spaceball– cocaine or crack, and PCP
  • Wicky– cocaine, PCP and marijuana
  • Shabu and Snow Seals– cocaine and methamphetamine or amphetamine
  • Wildcat– cocaine and methcathinone
  • Bumping up– MDMA (ecstasy) and cocaine
  • C & M– cocaine and morphine
  • Candy flipping– LSD, cocaine and MDMA
  • Flamethrowers– heroin, cocaine and tobacco
  • The Five Way– heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, rohypnol, and alcohol


Most of the words listed below are Spanish in origin. Popularized in music and movies, you may hear these terms in your neighborhood whether or not Spanish is spoken any other time:

  • Basuco – Spanish word for cocaine or lacing a cigarette (marijuana or tobacco) with coke residue
  • Coca – Spanish
  • Cabello – Spanish
  • Yeyo – Spanish
  • Tutti-frutti – Portuguese
  • Talco – Spanish
  • Polvo Blanco – Spanish
  • Perico – Spanish
  • Nieve – Spanish
  • Mujer – Spanish
  • Monos – Spanish
  • Ma’a – Samoan for crack

Terms Associated with Use and Abuse

There are also a number of terms that describe using cocaine or those who use the drug.

  • Beiging – Altering cocaine chemically to make it look more pure.
  • Break night – staying up all night on cocaine.
  • Blast, blow blue, blow coke, blow smoke, booster – Inhaling cocaine.
  • Body packer or mule – Person who swallows balloons of cocaine and other drugs to transport them undetected over the border.
  • Gaffel, bunk, fleece, flex – Fake coke or crack.

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