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On November 10, 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed The Canyon at Peace Park’s treatment facility. At this time, The Canyon at Peace Park is not accepting patients for any services. Click here to learn more about our closure or request medical records.

Society and Addiction

How to Help Your Addicted Child

When your child is addicted, don't blame yourself.

As parents, having a child is a life-changing event that brings incredible joy and love into your life. Less often talked about is the fact that children also bring worry, pain and fear. From the moment you learn that you’re having a baby, you likely began worrying about providing for, caring for and raising that child to be the type of person who can make it in a world that is not always kind or fair. And, worse, when your child grows up to make mistakes related to drug or alcohol use, it can be difficult to reach out, to […]

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The Geographic and Demographic Divide of California’s Opioid Crisis

California state capitol

The opioid crisis in America is a nationwide problem — as the epidemic worsens and statistics continue to come out, it has become clear that no one is immune from the risk of addiction that plagues this country. However, there are pockets of the country — certain areas and demographics — that have been hit harder than the rest of the population. And while places like Ohio, West Virginia and rural New England are recognized as the front lines of the crisis, parts of California are in just as dire need.1 Increase in Opioid-Related Deaths in California Between 2002 and […]

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Opioid Use in the Suburbs and Rural Areas 

infographic of the rise of the opioid use in the united states. many think that drug are effecting only homeless people on the streets in the middle of big cities. opioid use has increased over the years, specifically in rural and suburban areas. over 90% of al opiate and heroin users in the united states live outside of the city. drug abuse has become the leading cause of death and injury and rural areas because of many reasons.

Years ago, heroin use was primarily an inner-city problem. In the 21st century, however, opioid use has increasingly moved to suburban and rural areas. The effects are just as devastating when heroin hits the suburbs as they are in large cities. Opioid drugs, such as heroin, oxycodone, OxyContin, and other painkillers and narcotics can destroy lives, families and communities. Has Opioid Abuse Moved Out of Cities? It is important not to dismiss opioid abuse in large cities—the inner city drug problem is still prevalent and booming. However, rural areas such as West Virginia, Ohio, Alaska, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and more are […]

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Looking Ahead to Addiction Awareness in 2017

Looking Ahead to Addiction Awareness in 2017

It’s been an extremely important year for addiction and recovery. We learned quite a bit about the disease, including how alcohol and drug abuse are significantly causes of the shorter life expectancy of Americans. As well, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines that will help to minimize the misuse and diversion of pharmaceutical drugs. In early 2016, President Barack Obama brought much awareness to the state of opioid addiction in the United States by pushing for additional funding for medication-assisted addiction treatment programs. Later in the year, Obama encouraged remembrance of those lost to addiction and […]

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Building a Support System During and After Treatment


Recovering from an addiction is a long process that involves physical and mental withdrawal, long-term cravings, and lifestyle changes that will help you to combat the original causes of your addiction and your addiction triggers. While the first step to overcoming an addiction is always seeking out professional help for addiction treatment, you will have to begin to build a support group around yourself while you are in treatment so that you can rely on people to help you once you no longer have the support of a clinic or facility. Your therapist or counselor will no doubt discuss building […]

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