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On November 10, 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed The Canyon at Peace Park’s treatment facility. At this time, The Canyon at Peace Park is not accepting patients for any services. Click here to learn more about our closure or request medical records.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Recovery Unscripted Podcast: Navigating Detox, Chronic Pain and Addiction

Dr. Melissa Lee Warner

  In this episode of the Recovery Unscripted podcast, we hear from Dr. Melissa Lee Warner. She serves as the medical director at Black Bear Lodge, a residential treatment program in north Georgia. She joined us to discuss how they use a symptom-based approach to help each patient face the unique challenges various substances present during detox. She also illuminates the complex intersection of chronic pain, addiction, mental health and the non-intoxicating techniques that can set patients up for long-term recovery. To learn more about how opioid use can negatively affect chronic pain, check out Which Came First: The Chronic […]

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Why LSD Recovery Is a Lifelong Commitment

LSD is a potent psychedelic drug. It has no approved medical usage; therefore, it is considered an illegal substance. The drug is synthesized from a fungus that grows on common grains, called ergot. It can be snorted, injected and swallowed in pill form, but it is most commonly ingested on small white pieces of paper soaked in the substance, blotter paper. Blotter paper generally has colorful designs on it as well, which are intended to aid the experience of the user while on the drug. The time while on the drug is also referred to as a trip or an […]

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Can a Healthy Diet Help Your Recovery from LSD Addiction?

You can help your recovery from LSD addiction in many positive, healthy ways. Taking a holistic approach to treatment means a more well-rounded, enjoyable and long-lasting recovery. Integrated treatment programs may include nutritional counseling and fresh, chef-prepared meals. These may seem like luxuries unrelated to recovery. However a healthy diet is integral to establishing health. The Journal of the American Dietitians’ Association[1] shares, “nutrition education is an essential component of substance abuse treatment programs and can enhance substance abuse treatment outcomes.” A healthy diet is about more than finding a balanced weight or getting fit. It allows your body and […]

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If I’m Addicted to LSD, Do I Have to Go to Rehab?

LSD addiction is often not discussed in mainstream media. One of the primary reasons for this is LSD is not physically addictive. Rather, LSD is psychologically addictive. LSD is a form of hallucinogenic drug that is linked to psychotic disorders. Make no mistake, each time you use this dangerous drug you risk your mental health.[1] Symptoms of LSD Addiction Individuals addicted to LSD constantly think about how, when and where they will get high again. An addict’s mind craves the next trip and it is one of—if not the most—important thing(s) in their life. As a result, an LSD addict […]

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Are There Homeopathic Treatments for LSD?

LSD is one of the most common hallucinogens used by drug abusers. It is derived from lysergic acid found in ergot, a fungus that grows on grains, and it is taken orally, usually on colored paper or small paper tabs that have pictures on them. LSD can also be found in liquid form and in thin squares of gelatin. The effects of this drug are unpredictable, especially between users. Because LSD is not physically addictive in the same way as other drugs, many abusers voluntarily stop using the drug over time. However, it can be emotionally addicting, as users become […]

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