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On November 10, 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed The Canyon at Peace Park’s treatment facility. At this time, The Canyon at Peace Park is not accepting patients for any services. Click here to learn more about our closure or request medical records.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Tips for a Successful Sober Road Trip

girls driving in car laughing

By Wesley Gallagher Whether it’s summer vacation, fall or spring break, or you’re traveling for the holidays, there’s nothing like heading out into the great unknown. Road trips promise adventure just over the horizon. For many, the idea is exciting and enticing. However, for others, especially those in recovery, the idea of the unknown can produce anxiety. Fortunately, there are preparations you can take to ensure that any trip you take will be full of sober fun and excitement. Read on for tools you can bring along for the ride to make sure you feel comfortable and supported wherever your […]

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How to Help Yourself or Someone You Love After Sexual Trauma

Kat Cross

By Kathryn Millán, LPC, MHSP Sexual trauma can include sexual abuse, sexual assault, intense or ongoing sexual harassment and abuse due to a person’s sexual orientation, maturity or experiences. Sexual trauma can happen to anyone. It isn’t limited to one particular gender identity, group of people or risk category. It can happen to a person of any age, from newborn to the elderly. If you or a person you love has experienced this type of trauma at some point in life, you are not alone. The physical effects of sexual trauma may vary depending on the traumatic experience and how […]

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A Family’s Guide to a Love First Intervention

Jeff Jay

By Alanna Hilbink You have choices when it comes to your loved one’s intervention. Any intervention should be carefully planned, guided, calm and loving. But within those guidelines, not all interventions are the same. There are a variety of intervention types, and one of these is called a Love First intervention. What Is the Love First Model of Intervention? A Love First intervention, as the name implies, puts love first. This intervention model emphasizes staying positive and supportive. It structures interventions around the goal of treatment and is based on the idea that addiction is a medical issue. It focuses […]

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Recovery Unscripted Podcast: Keeping Love First

Jeff Jay

Today’s guest is Jeff Jay, interventionist and co-author of the best-selling book Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention. He sat down with us o discuss how he and his wife Debra created a step-by-step method to guide families through the intervention process, with or without a professional interventionist. He also shares why keeping love as the centerpiece of this interaction helps families reach past the addicted mind and connect with their loved one’s heart. To learn more about why a loving intervention could be the right choice for you or your family, check out A Family’s Guide to a […]

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Recovery Unscripted Podcast: The Science of Recovery

Cardwell Nuckols

In this episode of the Recovery Unscripted podcast, we hear from Dr. Cardwell Nuckols, an internationally recognized authority in the areas of behavioral medicine and addiction treatment. He sat down with us at the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare conference in Nashville to share some of his expertise about the science of addiction and the role that brain chemistry has played in the current opioid crisis. To learn more about how brain chemistry and genetic factors can impact one’s susceptibility to addiction, check out Is Alcoholism Genetic?

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