Heroin Addiction

Opioid Use in the Suburbs and Rural Areas 

Years ago, heroin use was primarily an inner-city problem. In the 21st century, however, opioid use has increasingly moved to suburban and rural areas. The effects are just as devastating when heroin hits the suburbs as they are in large cities. Opioid drugs, such as heroin, oxycodone, OxyContin, and other painkillers and narcotics can destroy lives, families and communities. Has Opioid Abuse Moved Out of Cities? It is important not to dismiss opioid abuse in large cities—the inner city drug problem is still prevalent and booming. However, rural areas such as West Virginia, Ohio, Alaska, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and more are […]

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Drug Overdose Death of Teen Football Player Reverberates

A teen football player dies of an apparent overdose and four more teens face charges for contributing to his death, allowing drugs to ruin five young lives. The death of the teenage son of a retired NFL quarterback by apparent overdose is tragedy enough. Now, four more teen boys face charges as a result. The event happened in Southern California, where 18-year-old Griffen Kramer, a high school quarterback and son of Erik Kramer, who played for the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, died of an apparent drug overdose, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Kramer was found dead […]

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What to Do in the Event of a Heroin Overdose

IMPORTANT: If you have found this post because you are trying to help someone you believe is experiencing a heroin overdose RIGHT NOW, call 911 immediately. Do not wait to read the rest of the article. If you want to be prepared if someone you care about overdoses or if you are concerned about the possibility of overdosing yourself, then read on. Below you will find the information you need to identify a heroin overdose as it is happening and respond quickly so that you or your friend will have the best chance of surviving the experience. Recognizing a Heroin […]

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Former Celtic Player Talks About Heroin Addiction in New Book

Chris Herren, formerly a basketball player for the Boston Celtics, lost everything to heroin addiction. The one-time small town basketball hero who made national headlines with his basketball skills during his high school days ended up back in his hometown 20 years later, unemployed and looking for a fix. Now married and a father of three, Herren has decided to make the best of his heroin addiction and all the loss he experienced as a result. After attending heroin rehab, he penned an autobiography with the hope of getting his story out there and helping others like him realize that […]

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Heroin Addiction is a Disease

Heroin addiction is not a disease in the metaphorical sense. Even though it infiltrates communities, destroys families and costs governments and healthcare systems millions of dollars every year and is certainly a disease in that sense, it is also a medical disease. The chemical changes that occur in the brain when heroin is used continue and become semi-permanent – at least – when heroin abuse becomes chronic and turns into heroin addiction. Physical dependence and psychological cravings are entwined in the brain and even the user undergoes heroin detox, those changes remain. Medical treatment is required in order for recovery, […]

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