Turning Trauma into Triumph: How Tragedy Can Lead to Life’s Greatest Blessing

It may seem overly optimistic and unrealistic, until you talk to someone who has experienced it: Extreme trauma can lead to the oft-unrealized blessing of true inner peace and a better life. There have been examples throughout history: Princess Diana’s children, Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s inspirational life and even soldiers like J.R. Martinez, who despite having PTSD and losing half his face in a roadside bomb attack, went on to become a daytime drama television star and a motivational speaker. Much like “The Bionic Man” or “The Bionic Woman,” with the right treatment, therapists can rebuild those who have suffered great […]

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How Mindfulness Is Helping People with Depression and Addiction

From coloring books to daytime TV, the word “mindfulness” seems to have a presence in every corner of society. But what many don’t know is the practice with roots in Buddhism may do more than just reduce stress. According to an ever-growing body of research, mindfulness is also one of the most effective therapies for treating depression and addiction. Defining Mindfulness Simply put, mindfulness is awareness, not just of what is going on around us (though that can certainly play a part), but everything happening on the inside, too. As mindfulness researcher Jon Kabat-Zinn explains, “Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment […]

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Bipolar and Addiction Have Strong Connection

Imagine feeling on top of the world with a rush of seemingly endless energy, only to crash to the depths of despair and emotional pain a few days later. And now imagine trying to live your life during all this. Is it any wonder so many people with bipolar disorder also develop an addiction? The connection is so strong and the personal stories can be devastating. Tragically, this wildly swinging mood disorder can lead to suicide. You may very well know someone like this – someone who may need complete drug rehab treatment and a new chance at life.

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