What are the Costs

The cost of drug rehab and sober living are often a huge concern when considering drug addiction treatment options. Many feel that the high bill is too much to absorb into a household budget.

But compare the costs of NOT investing in a California drug rehab and California sober living to the price of the bill for enrolling and it’s immediately apparent that it costs far more not to take advantage of the drug addiction treatment options in California.


The cost of living in a California sober living house will vary. Just like you will pay a higher rent and bills for a large house with a backyard versus a studio apartment, so too will the costs of California sober living change according to the amenities they offer. The more that is offered in terms of therapy and treatment, the higher the price tag. Luckily, many insurances cover your stay in a California sober living facility.

At The Canyon, we include California sober living as an option on our estate in the Santa Monica Mountains. If you join us here for drug rehab and drug detox and decide to stay on, you can opt for sober living.

You stay on in our gender-specific housing either overlooking the Santa Monica valley or its ridges. Close to Los Angeles, Malibu and Beverly Hills, you are encouraged to begin your transition back to the “real world” if you are ready, and the income from your job can offset the costs of your California sober living stay. You may opt to continue with support group meetings, one on one therapy and other therapeutic options as suits your treatment goals.

Versus Bills at Home

One way to put the cost of California sober living into perspective is to consider how much you would pay to live on your own.

California beachConsider your cost for rent, electricity and gas, water, garbage, phone, groceries. Then add to these basics bills more bills for cable, internet connection, cell phone, car payments, car insurance, gas for the car, health insurance, doctor’s co-pays, prescription costs. All of these things are either included in your California sober living bill or are not needed.

But also included in your costs for California sober living is the guarantee that you will live in a temptation-free zone, access to therapies including one on one therapy and support group session, counselors who are available around the clock for support, medical professionals and facilities, and onsite organic chefs.

The Canyon

Consider this cost as well: how much will another stint in drug rehab cost you if you rush your return home?

If you’re not ready to handle the pressures of constant temptation, social situations and relationship issues that often preclude a relapse, then it makes fiscal sense to continue your drug addiction treatment and recovery with California sober living until you are stable.

The Canyon offers sober living facilities here in southern California. If you would like to learn more about the details of our program, contact us today.