The Costs of Attending a California Rehab

costs of california rehabPeople who walk through the doors of a California rehab center may never be the same. The help they get in a facility like this can allow them to understand their motivation to use drugs, and here they can develop a healthy set of skills that can keep them safe and sober in the years that follow. It’s vital work, and it takes time to complete. Unfortunately, some people never enroll in these lifesaving programs because they don’t know how much the programs might cost, and what might help them to defray those costs. It’s a real shame, as treatment programs might be surprisingly affordable, and leaving an addiction in place might cause a family to pay a price they’re ill equipped to afford.

Setting a Fee

There’s no set price for addiction treatment in California, as the facilities can vary in:

  • Intensity. Some offer around-the-clock care, while others provide appointment-only treatments.
  • Setting. Luxury facilities in garden settings might be more expensive to maintain than standard facilities in urban areas.
  • Amenities. Golf, spas and designer decorations are commonplace in high-end facilities, while other options might avoid these sorts of add-ons.
  • Staff. Programs that offer doctoral-level treatments might need to pay their providers commensurate with their experience, and that might be a little more than a standard program might be willing to pay.

Insurance can sometimes round out these differences, as some companies cover the cost of care for very serious addiction issues. Not everyone who has an addiction has insurance, however, as the 1997 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse found that people with no health insurance were more than twice as likely to use illicit drugs, when compared to people who had insurance. Perhaps, due to changes in the laws of the country, more people will have insurance in the future, but in the interim, insurance might not help everyone.

Thankfully, with some smart shopping, people of almost all income levels can afford care. Those with low incomes might find facilities that offer care on a sliding scale, or they might look for state-run programs that offer subsidies. Those who are willing to pay for luxury might find a program that seems both comfortable and affordable to them. No matter the need, there is a program that can help.

The Price of Inaction

No matter the real cost, some people believe that addictions are just too expensive to treat, and they allow the condition to progress unchecked. This could have a devastating impact on their communities, as well as their families.

Every year, drug addiction costs taxpayers nearly $534 billion, when costs involving health care, crime and law enforcement are taken into account, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This public money could be put to better use, allowing people to work, get an education or drive on safe roads, but those who don’t get help may not allow their communities to shift spending habits.

Drug addictions can also come with hidden costs to a family. They might face reduced income levels, as the addicted person might be too ill to work at a regular pace. Children facing neglect or abuse in the home might need additional mental or physical health care, and those costs could quickly add up. Addicted people can also face medical costs due to injuries sustained or damage built up, all due to the addiction.

These are prices that are harder for families to pay, and for communities to recover from. Thankfully, California rehab programs can keep those prices in check.

Rehab at The Canyon

The Canyon is a drug rehab center in California that can help you or your loved one break free from drug addiction. We will work with you as much as possible on payment plans and with your insurance to help you afford our comprehensive drug detox and drug addiction treatment. If you need help, don’t wait. The cost of drug rehab is minimal in comparison to the long-term cost of addiction on your health, career and relationships.