Why LSD Isn’t Harmless

People erroneously believe that some drugs are harmless, because they are seen as less addictive as hard drugs, or because the consequences of abusing them are mild. This kind of mentality has blocked people from seeking help, especially LSD users who are reluctant to admit their problems.

Since this drug goes not cause physical dependency, and since no horrible consequences occur from overdose or constant use, some people conclude that it is completely harmless. However, LSD abuse has consequences, some of which are severe.

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Is LSD Dangerous?

LSD is a psychedelic hallucinogen that alters perception and cognition. Its main use is as a recreational drug, although it has been included in some studies and medical therapies.

Although the medical community considers it a non-addictive drug with low toxicity, it can cause some side effects and other long-term effects that make abusing it quite risky.

For example, LSD abuse could trigger or worsen mental disorders, especially in people who might be susceptible to such problems. For instance, someone with clinical depression could see an increase in his anxiety levels, and the drug could impair his judgment, which could lead to regrettable decisions, like suicide.

Likewise, someone under the effects of LSD can be susceptible to personal injury due to confusion or unclear thinking. Similar to the effects of alcohol, LSD’s effects can increase the chances of fatal accidents. Paranoia and delusion are other known side effects.

In regard to physical effects, high doses high doses of LSD can cause the following problems:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Agitation
  • Respiratory failure
  • Low or high blood pressure

Certain effects are dangerous and unpredictable. Furthermore even though physical addiction might not result from using LSD, psychological dependence could appear if users become compulsive about drug use, because they may ignore consequences as long as they can continue using.

However, addiction treatment can help you or another LSD addict quit using this harmful substance. Instead of looking for excuses to avoid addiction help, learn about the topic of addiction and recovery so you can make the best decisions regarding your health.

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