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When Bipolar and Drug Addiction Come Together

Bipolar symptoms and drug addiction symptoms can look very similar – mood swings, sleep disruption, extreme behavior, changes in relationships, social isolation, hopelessness, nervousness, and irritability. If you saw a loved on acting like this, would you really know what was wrong or where to start? In most cases, people with bipolar disorder use drugs or drink alcohol excessively to balance out their moods. They try to relax themselves when they are too manic, and they may try to get stimulation when they are depressed. As you could imagine, the combination of drug use and unmanaged mood swings can make for a very unsettled way of life.

Keep in mind that these folks are generally trying to manage their bipolar disorder with alcohol and drugs, not intentionally create other problems in their life. Unfortunately, both states of mania and depression can seriously distort a person’s sense of judgment. They might not want to believe that their problem is so severe, believing they can just keep it in check themselves. They may be too embarrassed to tell anyone about their symptoms, concerned no one would really believe them or want to help.

Drug Rehab For Bipolar and Drug Addiction

Suicide Major Risk With Bipolar And Drug Addiction

It should come as no surprise to learn that people with bipolar disorder have a higher suicide risk than the general population. The constant adjustments with the mood, the broken promises and ditched responsibilities, the burned bridges – all of it can get very hopeless if they aren’t getting treatment.

It’s not the depressive stage where they are most at risk for completing a suicide attempt – it’s the manic phase. After being mired down by the groggy weight of their depression, the manic phase finally provides the energy and impulsiveness to make it happen.

Everything discussed above is exactly why bipolar must be manged with a drug treatment program that includes treatment for bipolar disorder. The two cannot be divorced from each other during the treatment phase. Drug rehab that treats both mental illness and drug addiction simultaneously is known as dual diagnosis drug rehab. These drug treatment professionals understand the nature of both disorders and make both get proper attention.

Get started With Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab

Bipolar disorder is nothing to mess around with or manage without a drug treatment professional. The risk of bad health, money trouble, poor choices, and suicide are far too great. If you know you are going down this path, please get started with a dual diagnosis program. It’s time to stop fighting it and get the right help.

Wendy Lee Nentwig

By Wendy Lee Nentwig
Guest Contributor

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