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Robert Downey Jr Comeback From Drug Rehab and Prison

Robert Downey Jr is one movie star that really hit the spotlight in 2008. He starred in two very popular films, Tropic Thunder and Iron Man, and was named “Entertainer of the Year” by Entertainment Weekly. He is on top of his game, but he has come through a lot to get there including repeated trips to drug rehab and time in prison.

Robert Downey Jr Star Rises and Falls With Drug Addiction

Downey’s serious acting career started in the mid 1980’s, leading to award nominations in the 1990’s. His star was certainly rising, but he was just about to enter the most difficult period of his life. According to several reports, Downey claims to have used drugs since childhood. He had been able to drink alcohol and used cocaine and heroin without interfering with his acting life.

But in 1996, the wheels came off.

He had one drug arrest after another, plus drug rehab, jail time, and probations. Everything had been tried, and nothing seemed to work.

Robert Downey JrBy 2000 and 2001, Downey’s career was in a tailspin. He had some acting deals in the works, but his repeated drug arrests, prison, and drug rehab stints caused him to lose jobs. He got fired for not showing up for work and for being arrested multiple times. His marriage was worn to the bone from all this as well. His wife eventually left him, taking their young son with her.

Like many drug addicts, he reportedly lost interest in his work and passion (acting) when he hit his low point.

At the time of all the type and drama, recall being somewhat in disbelief. How could someone of his success and talent be in so deep with drugs? It opened my eyes and made me sad. I wondered if he would go the way of many actors who fell off the map into drug-induced obscurity.


Downey Does Drug Rehab and Finally Finds Lasting Sobriety

Downey spent about a month in drug rehab and wasted no time getting work. Slowly but surely, he was being cast in films and in TV once more. As you could imagine, directors and producers were somewhat hesitant to hire him because of his spotty reliability. However, Downey stayed on task with each project, proving he could be dependable.

professional film camera and crewAccording to an article from the New York Times, Downey has been clean from addictive drugs since 2003. With his film presence of 2008, he is on the acting A list. And if I may say, he was completely great in the movie Iron Man. His intense persevering spirit shone through, making his super-hero character all the more believable.

Downey’s Remarkable Public Journey To Sobriety

Like any celebrity who’s been to drug rehab, Robert Downey Jr went through his trials and tribulations in front of millions of people. Despite this added strain, it sure looks like he has created a healthy lifestyle to stay in recovery.

His drug rehab experience helped him turn the corner. His martial arts practice, his family, and 12 Step programs have kept him away from drugs for several years now.

Will he relapse again? Possibly – his addiction is never gone. But the chances are lower with a good support network and healthy habits like he seems to have. His fame and current popularity are nice, but I am most impressed by his public example of struggle and recovery. Tremendous respect to you, Mr Downey.

By Wendy Lee Nentwig, Contributing Writer


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