Potential High-Dose Risks of LSD

Many people think LSD is a safe drug to use. Perhaps this is because they have heard that the risk of a drug overdose with LSD is very low. While this is true, there are other dangerous risks associated with the drug. This is especially the case if you use high doses of the drug. Some may think that LSD use is rare; statistics show that for those 26 years or older, 10.9 percent have used LSD at some point in their life.[1] If you use LSD, please do not hesitate to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Risks of High Doses of LSD

LSD is a hallucinatory drug most often found at parties. This form of drug can be extremely dangerous for users as well others near the user. This is the case even when LSD is taken in small doses. If a high dose of LSD is taken, this worsens the situation. A high dose can cause you to become harmful to yourself and those around you. The more LSD is used, in most cases, the stronger the hallucinations. Evidence shows LSD use is connected with panic attacks, prolonged schizophrenia and post-hallucinogen perceptual disorder.[2]

The most dangerous factor with LSD is that there is no way to know how a user will respond to the drug. The user may have a “bad trip.” This form of negative hallucination can be dangerous.A bad trip may cause a user to become extremely afraid. In other situations, the user may act very irrationally. For example, an individual may drive their car straight into a wreck. It is possible that someone may even jump out of a window due to hallucinations. If an LSD user decides to get into a car or be around other people, he or she is a danger to them. Hallucinations are scary events that last up to twelve hours and are not to be taken light-heartedly.

Also, high doses of LSD are often amplified when mixed with other drugs. If one takes LSD with another drug such as alcohol this can worsen the side effects of the drugs. When LSD is used with other drugs, especially in high doses, can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. This behavior could even lead to long-lasting or permanent damage. Drug abuse is never safe, no matter how carefully the individual tries to be about it.

Help For LSD Addiction

If you would like more info about LSD addiction, please know our toll-free helpline is available. You can call anytime, as it is available 24 hours a day. Through the help of a professional counselor you can break free from drug abuse.A professional recovery counselor is available to answer your questions about LSD abuse and addiction. They can help you find the right treatment professionals to meet your needs. If you have insurance, please have this information ready when you call. You can find out what forms of treatment are covered by your insurance. If you do not have insurance, don’t worry as many different forms of treatment are available. There are treatment plans to fit any budget. Call now and take the first step forward toward a healthy life. Get the professional help you need to end LSD abuse and addiction.

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