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Meth-Inspired Candy Going Too Far?

Meth-Inspired Candy Going Too Far?

We’ve all seen the ads for products inspired by TV programs or characters, but one Albuquerque, New Mexico, candy shop is taking the “As Seen On TV” idea even further. Taking a cue from the hit AMC show Breaking Bad, which features a chemistry teacher turned meth dealer, the candy shop has begun selling “meth” candy.

Before you get into an uproar, the concoction doesn’t contain any real drugs. Still, Debbie Hall, aka the “Candy Lady,” told Fox News she’s already sold several hundred bags of what is essentially pulverized, colored rock candy. Each bag retails for a dollar, and this newly minted “dealer” says the tourists are eating it up – literally.

Some may say it’s just a natural progression from the candy cigarettes many of us “smoked” as kids. Others worry it sends the wrong message, turning crystal meth into a toy or glamorizing it to teens. Breaking Bad is based in Albuquerque, but there’s no word yet on whether producers or the network have heard about the unauthorized business venture. Meanwhile, the debate rages on over whether the Candy Lady’s product sets a bad example or is all in fun.

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