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On November 10, 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed The Canyon at Peace Park’s treatment facility. At this time, The Canyon at Peace Park is not accepting patients for any services. Click here to learn more about our closure or request medical records.

Luxury and Legitimacy: World-Class Addiction Treatment on the California Coast

Those who have the resources to get sober in a luxury environment do so for a variety of reasons.

For many, it’s a chance to see another part of the country or the world, as well as to begin a healthier life surrounded by serene natural beauty. Learning a new way of living amid such positive imagery can burn these positive new techniques into the psyche.

Located on 120 breathtaking acres near the legendary California coast in Malibu, patients of The Canyon enjoy a personalized, boutique level of care. Beyond the five-star meals, exquisite rooms and world-class amenities, The Canyon provides the perfect setting for long-overdue healing.

one in four adults with a mental illness also have a substance abuse disorderPart of Foundations Recovery Network, The Canyon uses a proven method of treating substance abuse and mental illness concurrently. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), about one in four adults in the United States with a serious mental illness also has a substance abuse disorder. SAMSHA endorses the kind of integrated treatment The Canyon offers, reporting that it is associated with lower costs and better outcomes.1

Many people who want to become sober fail after being treated only for substance abuse. In some countries, substance use and mental health disorders are not recognized as being concurrent, therefore the treatment never addresses both problems or teaches a patient how to recognize triggers and cope in healthy ways.

Just as Americans sometimes travel abroad for medical treatments they cannot receive in the United States, a phenomenon known as medical tourism, people from all over the world come to The Canyon to overcome their substance abuse problems and manage their mental illness with scientifically proven programs.

Treating Both the Cause and the Effect

Stories of failed sobriety attempts by celebrities in luxury rehab centers are all too common. But some centers, despite their stunning amenities, offer little more than a place to detox. The Canyon employs a highly regarded clinical staff who have specialized training and accreditation in both the addiction treatment and mental health disciplines.

The pool at The CanyonPatients at The Canyon arrive at an understanding of their illnesses and their unhealthy triggers. They are then taught how to manage them for long-term success. They are given the tools, based on individualized assessments and treatments, to overcome the inevitable bumps along the road of life.

And it’s The Canyon’s idyllic setting that helps cement these new life skills deep into the psyche.

For those who have been through a traumatic experience and/or are living with a mental illness that contributes to their addiction, the peaceful, tranquil campus and activities such as yoga, meditation and equestrian therapy can accelerate healing.

“The stress of an unpleasant environment can cause you to feel anxious, or sad, or helpless,” according to the Center for Spirituality and Healing at University of Minnesota and Charlson Meadows Renewal Center. “A pleasing environment reverses that. And regardless of age or culture, humans find nature pleasing.

In one study cited in the book Healing Gardens, researchers found that more than two-thirds of people choose a natural setting to retreat to when stressed.”2

When Rehab Becomes a Retreat

Another advantage to attending a treatment and rehabilitation center far from home is the peace of mind that it can provide. Many people, such as celebrities, choose to be completely anonymous about their treatment and recovery, and the exclusive campus of The Canyon and its professional staff can provide that level of privacy.

For those who have been through a traumatic experience and/or are living with a mental illness that contributes to their addiction, the peaceful, tranquil campus and activities such as yoga, meditation and equestrian therapy can accelerate healing.

At The Canyon, the staff treats the whole person. The gourmet food provides a balanced diet to replenish bodies ravaged by drugs and alcohol. Supervised exercise regimens help stimulate the natural endorphins to feed the brain’s natural reward center and help to reduce the cravings a recovering person experiences.

Extensive group, family and individual therapy sessions help the patient move beyond personal baggage that weighs them down and can prevent a lasting sobriety. Patients learn to work beyond any negative self-image they may have developed before or during their addiction and rebuild their self-esteem. Negative self-image leads to destructive behavior, a cycle that must be broken for recovery to last.

The staff at The Canyon work hard to create a retreat-like setting, that’s perfect for busy executives, VIPs and celebrities.

“Retreats help us break away from the mechanical life and move into a space that helps to discover and reestablish oneself to grow mentally,” Retreat Network explains on its website.3 “It releases one’s limitations, fears and takes us to a world of new possibilities.”

When rehab becomes a “retreat,” it’s easier to envision the happy, healthy, sober life that you want. It really is possible, and we can help.


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Written by David Heitz

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