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Long Term Health Problems From Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction can cause many obvious problems with a person’s daily life. The extreme highs and lows make it difficult keep a job, manage relationships, or have any sort of regular schedule. But what about the long-term effects of a cocaine addiction? What about the ticking time bomb of health problems that build up with each use? The may not be so clear in the moment, but they still pose a serious threat. Anyone dealing with a cocaine addiction needs to know these long-term risks.

Heart Related Problems With Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a person a rush or high feeling. The heart pumps blood more quickly, causes a person’s temperature to rise, and constricts blood vessels. While the addict pays attention to the physical sensations, the circulatory system is working overtime.

When this is repeated over and over, the heart and blood vessels can suffer considerable damage. High blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, and even heart attack are common outcomes of a cocaine addiction.

Digestive Problems With Cocaine Addiction

Over the course of a long-term cocaine addiction, a user can become malnourished. Cocaine, like other stimulants, decreases and disrupts a person’s appetite. This may appear to be a pleasant side effect in some ways, but over time this can really hurt a person’s body.

Other digestive problems can include abdominal pain and nausea. reduced blood flow to the intestines can cause gangrene. Cocaine addiction can also reduce a person’s sense of thirst. The body is literally starving in dehydrating throughout an active cocaine addiction.

Methods Of Cocaine Use Cause Health Problems

Injection is a common method for taking cocaine into the body. An addict may inject themselves several times a day depending on how heavy their uses. An addict is also not likely to be as particular about their own needles as they are about just getting your drug. Blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV can be contracted by using dirty needles.

Many people also snort cocaine. This can get the drug quickly into the body, but it has its own consequences. This creates enough constant irritation that cocaine users often have a runny nose. They may also have bloody nose, a reduced sense of smell, and various throat problems.

Drug Rehab For Cocaine Addiction

Health problems are a constant threat with cocaine addiction. Most cocaine users don’t think much past the current moment. More than likely, they don’t even consider potential long-term health problems from heavy cocaine use. When they go to drug rehab, they have a chance to turn things around.

Many drug rehab centers help cocaine addicts learn about improving their nutrition, caring for any health issues they already have, and looking out for health problems that may still develop. Although a cocaine addict may not be able to erase the past, drug rehab can help them stay healthy in the future.

Wendy Lee Nentwig

By Wendy Lee Nentwig
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