Lasting Financial Effects of LSD Abuse

The financial cost of LSD or any drug varies by region and by its potency or purity. On average a hit of LSD can be purchased for around $5-$10, and a quarter ounce usually sells for around $25-$30. The drug can even be found cheaply on the Internet or for free from dealers looking for new clients. 

The Press Enterprise1 explains that with one group of early LSD manufacturers, “The point was to give LSD away at first…Once enough had been distributed and enough people had tried it, they then set up a sort of business that allowed them to make money off of the doses.”

Users rarely take this drug more than once a week, so the immediate financial cost of LSD abuse is no more than a few fancy coffee drinks, if that. LSD is not an expensive drug. However don’t let this provide a false sense of security. LSD is a drug with lasting financial effects.

How LSD Impacts Finances

While the cost of LSD alone will not break the bank, the drug has several indirect financial consequences. While under the influence of LSD, a person loses inhibitions and control over thoughts, emotions and behavior. Accidents and injury can occur while tripping on LSD.

The drug takes over the mind and does the following:
  • Distorts sense of reality, time and identity
  • Causes visual hallucinations and delusions
  • Impairs perception
  • Evokes severe and terrifying thoughts and feelings

In response to these changes in brain function and behavior, individuals on LSD may damage property or harm themselves or others. Penalties for LSD possession or use can involve up to 15 years in jail and cost several thousand dollars in fines. Medical bills and legal fees can pile up and create lasting debt—and lasting health problems or a criminal record. A hit of LSD may be relatively cheap, but having and using the drug can be costly.

Other Costs of LSD Abuse

LSD abuse costs more than money. The drug can lead to job termination or result in expulsion from school or eviction from property. Current LSD users may be passed over for promotions and raises. A criminal record related to LSD abuse can make finding a job difficult. These effects of LSD abuse have a long-term financial impact on a person’s life. LSD can also cost more than immediate and long-term money.

Relationships are often damaged by drug abuse and addiction.

Individuals may lose interest in once-valued hobbies that made life feel rich. Use of one drug is also usually accompanied by use of another. As The Tab2 explains, “The reality of acid’s popularity is part of a bigger picture, as a next step for people looking for a new high.

The crime stats released last week also reveal a sharp increase in ecstasy, magic mushrooms and hallucinogens as a group.” LSD use can lead to use of substances that are even more expensive financially, socially and personally.

The Richness of Recovery

Life free from drug abuse is rich with personal freedom, freedom from addiction-related legal repercussions, relationship problems, economic burdens and more. Anyone and everyone can regain personal and financial stability after LSD abuse. The process takes time, patience and support, and it is worth every effort.

Recovery may involve a treatment program that offers financial counseling in addition to standard addiction treatment elements such as therapy and peer support.

Effective programs offer a wide variety of life skills training, as they recognize recovery is a holistic, integrated process. It is more than not taking a drug. It is getting back on your feet emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. These programs are often covered by insurance or offered on a sliding scale, so treatment is accessible to everyone.

Getting Help

Call our helpline, 877-345-3299, to learn about your options for treatment. Ask about payment options, programs that include financial counseling and the benefits of long-term sobriety. We can verify insurance benefits, connect you to affordable treatment and support you throughout your entire recovery journey. We are here for you 24 hours a day. All conversations and phone services are free and confidential.

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