How to Help a Loved One Get Help for LSD Abuse

When someone you care about is addicted to LSD or any other drug, you may feel a number of emotions ranging from denial, to anxiety, to anger. When that person is your boyfriend — or girlfriend, it can make the situation even more complex, as you will likely alternate between wanting to help and wanting to leave him. If you decide to stay in the relationship, there are several professional resources available to help you deal with your own emotions and help him choose recovery.

Tips to Get Your Boyfriend to Quit LSD

Most people when facing a substance use disorder will not initially choose to get help However, you can help your loved ones consider ending LSD abuse by advocating for LSD treatment in any of the following ways:

Don’t confront them while angry

Your boyfriend may feel judged by everyone around him, and he may also be judging himself for his substance use. Furthermore, LSD and other drugs may incite paranoid feelings or alter your boyfriend’s personality in some ways.1 Confronting him while you are angry may result in denial, anger or even hostility. Instead, thoughtfully consider how your loved one would respond best, and consider including a professional interventionalist or other family members and friends in the conversation.

Encourage therapy

There are many types of substance abuse treatment available for longer-term help. It is important to know about specific programs and their availability when preparing for your conversation. It will also help to remind him that you will support him through every step.

Set boundaries

Boundaries are a crucial aspect to any relationship, but it is even more pivotal when your significant other is battling substance abuse. Most importantly, you must make sure you are not enabling his behavior. This can include not allowing him to use in the house, separating your finances (if they are joined) or even taking some time apart.

Remember to take care of yourself

Finding help to process your own role in your loved one’s addiction is a great way to begin taking care of yourself. Treatment for you can include going to support groups or speaking with a therapist, which can teach you skills to encourage your boyfriend’s sobriety. Although you cannot force another person to change, you can help by taking good care of yourself first.

Why Does LSD Treatment Matter?

Addiction can change relationships, especially intimate ones. Therefore, it is crucial that you do everything you can to encourage your boyfriend to stop using LSD, and also to avoid contributing to his drug use. Not only will your participation in his treatment alleviate stress in the relationship, but it will also discourage major physical and psychological consequences related to his psychedelic drug abuse.

Help Finding LSD Addiction Treatment for a Loved One

Call our toll-free, 24-hour helpline right now to get help for your loved one who is abusing LSD. Do not waste one more day thinking this situation will heal itself. Call us now for confidential, instant support.

By Becca Owens

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