How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Using LSD?

When someone you care about is addicted to LSD or any other drug, you may feel a number of emotions ranging from denial, to anxiety, to anger. When the person you are worried about happens to be your boyfriend, it can make the situation even more complex, as you will likely alternate between wanting to help and wanting to leave him. If you decide to stay in the relationship, know that several professional resources can help you deal with your own emotions and also help him choose recovery.

Tips to Get Your Boyfriend to Quit LSD


Any guy faced with substance use disorder or any other problem will not get help until he is ready to do so, but you can take action to help your boyfriend consider ending his LSD abuse. You can promote LSD addiction treatment in any of the following ways:

  • Don’t angrily confront him – Your boyfriend may feel judged by everyone around him, and he may also be judging himself for his substance use. Furthermore, LSD and other drugs may incite paranoid feelings, or alter your boyfriend’s personality in some ways. Confronting or judging him may result in denial, anger, or even hostility. Take time to consider the safest and most supportive approach, without enabling further use. In some cases, this may involve bringing together friends or loved ones in an intervention approach. If you have any concerns about safety, unreasonable responses, or hostility, consider speaking with a counselor or a professional interventionist before speaking with your boyfriend.
  • Encourage therapy – Do some internet research to learn about the many types of substance use disorder treatment that are available to your boyfriend. Communicate his options to him and let him know that you will encourage his treatment process when he is ready to get clean.
  • Set boundaries – Until your boyfriend is ready to accept treatment for his LSD use, it is crucial that you set boundaries so that you not only acknowledge the problem, but also that you display your refusal to accept addictive behaviors. This can include not allowing him to use in the house, separating your finances (if they are joined), or taking some time apart.
  • Remember to take care of yourself – In addition to the steps above, you can also help your boyfriend stop using LSD by getting help for your own struggles in this issue. Treatment for you can include going to support groups or speaking with a therapist, which can teach you skills to encourage your boyfriend’s sobriety. Most of all, know that you cannot force another person to change. You must take good care of yourself first.

The Importance of LSD Treatment

Addiction can change relationships, especially intimate ones. Therefore, it is crucial that you do everything you can to encourage your boyfriend to stop using LSD, and also to avoid contributing to his drug use. Not only will your participation in his treatment alleviate stress in the relationship, but it will also discourage major physical and psychological consequences related to his psychedelic drug abuse.

Help Ending a Boyfriend’s LSD Addiction

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