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Former Celtic Player Talks About Heroin Addiction in New Book

Chris Herren, formerly a basketball player for the Boston Celtics, lost everything to heroin addiction. The one-time small town basketball hero who made national headlines with his basketball skills during his high school days ended up back in his hometown 20 years later, unemployed and looking for a fix. Now married and a father of three, Herren has decided to make the best of his heroin addiction and all the loss he experienced as a result. After attending heroin rehab, he penned an autobiography with the hope of getting his story out there and helping others like him realize that no one is immune to the tragedy of drug addiction.

Herren penned his autobiography, Basketball Junkie: A Memoir, with Bill Reynolds, a journalist. It begins with his high school days and all that he accomplished during his teen years and follows him through his time playing ball at Fresno State in California, his draft to the Denver Nuggets (second round, 33rd pick overall) and his trade to the Boston Celtics the following year. Unfortunately, the tale turns sour as Herren spares readers no details as he describes the development of his heroin addiction and how it almost made him lose everything.

Here’s the good news: though Herren was unable to rebuild his NBA career, he has been able to remain clean and sober since August of 2008. Herren reports that it took several trips to drug rehab to make his new goals for a drug-free life stick, but he did indeed make it work. In June of 2009, Herren created a basketball player development company called Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren Inc. Here young players can work on their skills through intensive clinics that cover basketball skills, ball handling, strength training, conditioning, and basketball drills. Since opening in 2009, Herren reports training more than 200 up and coming basketball players, among them some of the top pro-ball hopefuls in his area.

Though his heroin addiction took away his own hoop dreams, Herren is using his expertise and his drive to help others avoid the pitfalls that snatched his hopes away and, at the same time, creating a new destiny for himself that is even more commendable than the original. A dedicated father and husband, Herren is no longer allowing heroin addiction to control his life – a goal he reached by starting with heroin rehab.

If heroin addiction is stopping you from achieving your dreams or threatening the things you hold most dear, heroin addiction treatment is the only way to effectively fight the problem. Contact us at The Canyon today to learn more about how we can help you create the life that you want for yourself.

Wendy Lee Nentwig

By Wendy Lee Nentwig
Guest Contributor

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