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Drug Addiction: Your Mind, Body and Spirit

A drug addiction can make you feel broken and disconnected. Your mind can’t think clearly anymore. Your body feels abused and exhausted. And your spirit feels dejected and hopeless. How will you get every part of you working together again? Find out how drug rehab can help you make the connection once again.

Your Body And Drug Addiction

Drugs affect your body in so many different ways. Whether it’s alcohol, heroin, or marijuana, drugs put your nervous system into overdrive. The natural chemicals that move between your nerve endings communicate messages within your body. When drugs interfere with this process, symptoms of intoxication develop.

When you become physically or psychologically addicted to one or more drugs, you must use them regularly just to feel normal. Many drugs have uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, muscle pain, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. These powerful symptoms could keep you trapped in your addiction for years.

Drug detox and rehab can help you get through the worse of your withdrawal symptoms safely and with support. Drug rehab also provides you with the opportunity to learn about good nutrition, exercise, and keeping your body healthy.

Your Mind And Drug Addiction

Drug addiction changes the way you think about everything. Negative thoughts become more abundant. Excuses and lies become normal to you. You change the way you see the world and how it has treated you. Maintaining your addiction becomes the most important priority of your life.

Some of this change is a result of physical effects from the drugs. Many drugs make you feel more bold and distort your judgement. After many close calls, you may truly believe you are not impaired when you drink and drive. When you have a blackout and get into trouble, you may disbelieve any report about what you may have done. This type of thinking can eventually get you in jail, in serious debt, in a homeless shelter, or even in the hospital.

Drug rehab helps you clear your mind and realign your priorities. You reestablish the important things you pushed aside during your active addiction.

Your Spirit And Drug Addiction

Your spirit is what sets you apart from everyone else. Your emotions, your outlook on life, and your personality all combine to make you unique. Many people with drug addictions have had their spirits wounded in some way. Emotional abuse, sexual trauma, and tragic events can make a person hopeless about their future.

If you have these problems and use drugs or alcohol to soothe your pain, you only do more damage to your spirit. Drug rehab surrounds you with positive supportive people. Fellow addicts support and encourage each other to keep making progress with sobriety. Self worth, hope, and determination grow in this healing environment.

Mind, Body, And Spirit In Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is the place to reconnect with every part of yourself. The treatments and therapy at drug rehab can help you feel whole again. Your sobriety is more than just a lack of drug use. It is the harmony of your mind, body, and spirit as you live a healthy life. Call today and talk to someone about starting drug rehab.

Wendy Lee Nentwig

By Wendy Lee Nentwig
Guest Contributor

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