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Debbie Harry Admits Past Drug Addiction

Debbie Harry is an icon in rock and roll, and she’s still creating: her next album, Panic of Girls, is scheduled for release at the end of May. But fame took its toll when Harry was younger. She confessed in a recent interview to living with an active drug addiction for more than two years in her early fame.

Fame – And All the Problems that Go With It

And it’s fame that likely had a lot to do with the development of her drug addiction, according to Harry.  The Heart of Glass caused quite a stir when it was released during the 1980s. It was then that Harry says she tried every illicit drug that came her way, including heroin, until she ultimately developed an addiction as a result.

To make matters worse, despite the fame, Harry was having problems in her career. Her record company decided it was time to terminate the band’s contract and her manager, who could have handled the problem, suddenly quit. On top of all this, the IRS decided it was time to audit her in a big way and seize her money and property in the process.

Still barely more than a kid, Harry was overwhelmed and sank further into addiction and into depression that was only worsened by continued drug abuse.

Debbie Goes to Drug Rehab

She and her then-boyfriend, guitarists Chris Stein, opted to get things under control and entered drug rehab together soon after. It was here that she found the help she needed to get back on track. Drug addiction did nothing but worsen the issues affecting the rest of her life, and without it, she soon began to put things back together. She has a lifetime worth of albums and tours that had nothing to do with drug addiction and has become one of the best known names in rock and roll history.


Recognizing When Drug Addiction is not Helping

It’s not always easy to be in the midst of drug addiction and realize that it’s only making the problems in your life even greater. It can often feel like the only oasis in a desert of hopelessness when you have identifiable outside issues plus depression plaguing you.

Feeling ill and being in constant need of more drugs is stressful – it’s more than a full-time job.
Realizing that fact and seeking the necessary help to change things is huge, an accomplishment unto itself.

Do You Need Drug Addiction Treatment?

If you are struggling with depression and drug addiction, help is available. Contact us today at 424-387-3118 to learn more about how The Canyon can provide you with detox and addiction treatment starting now.

By Wendy Lee Nentwig, Contributing Writer

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