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Celebrity Amy Winehouse and Drug Addiction

With recent reports that her amassed fortune is quickly dwindling due to her drug and alcohol addiction combined with poor accounting, Amy Winehouse has been making headlines for years for her behavior under the influences.

Pictures of her wandering the streets in the middle of the night barely clothed and clearly out of her mind, YouTube videos of her smoking crack or onstage snorting coke, tabloid headlines documenting her relationship with her oft-jailed husband… it’s no secret that Amy Winehouse has a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Amy Winehouse: Drug of Choice

She’s been seen with a crack pipe in hand, track marks on her arms and snorting cocaine on stage. It seems that Amy is an equal opportunity drug addict, but for anyone shooting heroin, clearly heroin is the wife and all the other drugs are mere mistresses.

Heroin rehab is especially crucial for Amy if this is the case as opiate detox can be devastating without medical supervision and support.

An inpatient heroin detox followed by heroin addiction treatment would be a good choice for Amy if heroin addiction is still a problem, followed by sober living and a sober companion to help her stay on track.

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Amy Winehouse and Drug Rehab

The Focus 12 Clinic in Suffolk, located a mere 15 miles from Highpoint Prison where Blake Fielder-Civil, her husband, is doing time for “grievous bodily harm and perverting the course of justice,” was Amy’s drug rehab destination last year. She was reportedly looking for a house in Suffolk as well so that she could be close to her husband. Codependency be damned. Drug addiction treatment is a great start.

Apparently, Focus 12 Clinic was recommended to Amy by Russell Brand, a comedian who received treatment for his heroin addiction at the rehab center back in 2002. It’s been said that Brand put in a call to Chief Executive of Focus 12 Chip Somers to help Amy get a spot, and it worked; she checked in last year.

Amy’s father, Mitch, was supportive both of his daughter’s decision to enter into drug treatment but also to remain near her husband. He says, “This is a very good idea. If she can get clean and still see Blake it can only be good.” Unfortunately, if recent reports are true, drug rehab didn’t quite stick. Whether or not she remained sober for a period of time or has curtailed her drug and alcohol use is a matter of conjecture, but it seems clear that she is still struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Celebrity Drug Addiction: Encourages or Discourages Drug Abuse?

You go on YouTube and find videos of celebrities like Amy Winehouse behaving badly under the influence of drugs. You watch entertainment television shows and see Lindsay Lohan drunkenly stumbling and stuttering. Then you see the early deaths of celebs like Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson due to drug overdose.

Do you think this bad behavior comes off as “cool” to those who are experimenting or considering experimenting with drugs and alcohol? Or does the wrecked spectacle they create discourage people from following in their footsteps?

By Wendy Lee Nentwig
Guest Contributor

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