Can LSD Cause Personality Disorders?

Personality disorders often come from genetic and/or environmental factors, but they can also come from drug abuse. In fact, some drug addicts develop traits of a personality disorder as a result of their abuse, especially when using such mind-altering drug like LSD.

This creates a Dual Diagnosis situation when a patient has two co-occurring disorders, which warrants integrated treatment for both issues simultaneously. The most complex aspect of this kind of Dual Diagnosis is that drug abuse can often mask these personality disorders, so you will need professional help to recover.

Personality Disorders Connected to LSD Abuse

Both addiction and a personality disorder can severely disrupt a person’s life, and the combination of them can make matters worse because each condition exacerbates the other. Many LSD users may not notice that they have personality disorders as the symptoms of both the disorder and addiction are similar. The following disorders often go unnoticed during LSD abuse:

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Symptoms of antisocial personality disorder include deceitful behavior, difficulties with the law, impulsivity, agitation, negative relationships and overall irresponsibility. As LSD addicts often display these symptoms as well, the untrained eye might fail to recognize the disorder, which allows for both conditions to continue and deepen.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Many LSD addicts often build a sense of grandiosity about themselves, so much so that they super inflate their egos. This type of behavior is directly linked to feeling they can do whatever they want and still remain healthy. These traits, often perpetuated by an emotional imbalance caused by LSD abuse, is also connected to narcissistic personality disorder, which can be masked through psychedelic behaviors from addiction.

Schizoid Personality Disorder

If someone is experiencing symptoms of schizoid personality disorder, she may feel unable to express happiness, engage in sexual activity or surround themselves with others. Using LSD can often reverse these symptoms, as this drug often promotes euphoric, social behavior. Constantly abusing this drug can cause a person’s schizoid disorder to go untreated.

Antisocial, narcissistic and schizoid personality disorders all have similar symptoms to the effects of taking LSD, and because of this, they are often difficult to diagnose if someone is also abusing LSD at the same time.

How to Recover From LSD Abuse and a Personality Disorder

For those who are battling both LSD abuse and a personality disorder, it is important to know that there is help available. First, detox is required to allow LSD and its effects to fully leave the patient’s body.

Detox is most successful in a medically supervised facility so that medical staff and closely monitor the patients and their withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, there may even be pharmaceutical help available for the detox period.

After LSD detox, recovering addicts can attack any problems that prevented them from the psychological treatment needed to address both addiction and a personality disorder. Through working with a therapist and engaging in individual and group therapy, people with a Dual Diagnosis can begin recovering in a healthy manner.

Help for LSD Abuse and a Personality Disorder

If you or someone you love is fighting LSD addiction, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today at 877-345-3299. We can help you begin to pursue sobriety and mental health. Do not let one more day pass without getting the treatment you need for both your problems. Call us right now, and start on your journey to sobriety and strong mental health.

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