Best Solutions for LSD Abuse

LSD is a powerful hallucinogenic drug that can be very difficult to stop using due to its dramatic effects. What may begin as an innocent diversion, adventurous experiment, pursuit of mental or spiritual clarity, or desperate escape from the challenges of reality can end up becoming a life-controlling obsession.

Many Bad Outcomes Await Users of LSD

Besides the fact that chemical tolerance is quickly and easily developed from LSD use – pushing abusers to take greater and greater doses in order to get the same psychedelic effects – addiction to LSD can result in an array of negative outcomes, including these unfortunate situations:

  • Altered mood and behavior patterns.
  • Damaged relationships and reputation.
  • Destroyed life or career dreams.
  • Depleted finances and credibility.
  • Permanent psychological disorders.

These are just a few of the many problems and complications that may result from LSD abuse and addiction when left to run its course.1

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Key to Recovery: Admitting that Help Is Needed

Since LSD is not considered physically addictive, many users feel safe in using this hallucinogen. However, the psychological addictiveness of this substance can be very difficult for users to overcome. For this reason, it is highly recommended that a user be immediately placed under the professional supervision and care of LSD addiction specialists at a highly reputable treatment center.

Users may be ashamed to admit that they are addicted. They may be able to muster the effort to try reducing or stopping LSD use on their own, but the powerful enticement of this chemical can make clear, rational thinking and disciplined commitment inaccessible to users. A user’s failed attempt to get clean could actually end up having the very opposite outcome, leading to relapse and a worsened addiction.2

Awareness and Remediation of Any Deeper Issues

There are many factors that can contribute to LSD addiction – many of which the users may not even be aware. If these underlying issues are not adequately diagnosed and addressed, LSD use is likely to continue and possibly lead to a disastrous downward spiral.

Individuals struggling with LSD abuse often don’t grasp that the real reason they continue using is to cope with the pain of suppressed feelings, repressed hurt or a traumatic event. Addiction often results from unresolved emotional or psychological issues. These root causes for wanting drugs must be uncovered and treated in order for healing of the whole person and long-lasting recovery to occur.

A “dual diagnosis” is the term for patients having a co-occurring disorder along with drug addiction.Co-occurring disorders create a roadblock to long-term recovery from drug abuse and addiction. They create fertile ground for needing drugs, greater dependence upon drugs, and make it much more difficult to stop using drugs, like LSD. Besides the psychological distress, distortions or cloudiness in thinking generally are more severe with people who have co-occurring disorders than with other substance abusers.3

Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Required

Regardless of what issues or disorders comprise a patient’s condition, sound professional evaluation and treatment are necessary in order to achieve the desired outcome – successful, long-term recovery.

More than ten independent studies affirm the integrity and validity of our unique, integrated approach to treating patients, including those afflicted with a dual diagnosis. Our exceptional specialists and well-trained staff are equipped to help patients analyze and confront their LSD addiction head on.

With quality counseling and support,feelings of pain and despair can dramatically fade as health, hope and psychological freedom are found. Professional services and resources such as ours can change patients’ lives forever. Simply quitting drug use does not cure addiction. A return to LSD or other drugs as a means of coping with everyday life can easily occur without quality professional help.

If you or someone you know is struggling with LSD abuse or addiction, we encourage you to call our 24/7 toll-free line. A friendly team member on the other end will listen to you, address your concerns, answer your questions and offer some positive treatment options for you to thoughtfully consider. Addictions are serious. Rely on someone you can trust. Many individuals have chosen to place their trust in us, and they have come away stronger, healthier and more in control of their future.

What course will you chart? Those you love most are watching and waiting. So are we, because we care…one person at a time.

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