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Another Accidental Drug Overdose, Another Murder Charge

Here’s another case of someone being charged with murder when their “crime” is giving their prescribed medication to a friend. And in this case, the person being charged is a big-eyed 19 year old boy, Nikolas Ramiro Flores. He was charged with second degree murder of 19-year-old Christopher Thomas Waters back in January and is currently awaiting trial, according to

What Happened?

Christopher Thomas Waters was found dead in his home of an apparent overdose on methadone pills. It was later discovered by police that Waters got those pills from Flores. Rather than ruling the death an ‘accidental overdose’ or ‘suicide’ as it may have been called in past years, deaths like these are being associated with the provider of the drugs and called ‘homicide.’ As homicides, the deaths are now the fault of the person who provided the drugs and not the person who chose to take them, which is marks a significant shift in our culture in terms of taking legal responsibility for our own actions.

Do Dealers Get Charged With Murder?

The drug in question here was methadone and Flores was not prescribed the drug that he passed along to Waters. Does it matter whether or not he sold the drug to him or just gave it to him? It sounds like they were friends and the last post where we talked about a similar case in which a guy died after a friend gave him her methadone prescription was definitely not a sale situation. So why is it that you can get charged with murder when you give someone your prescription or a pill that you obtained illegally but you don’t get charged with murder necessarily when you get picked up for selling drugs?

And what about doctors who prescribe drugs that ultimately end in overdose? If it is determined that they acted negligently enough to lose their medical license, why aren’t they being charged with murder as well?

Flores is Not Alone

And Flores is not the only kid getting charged with second degree murder for sharing his pills with friends who ultimately died from abusing them. In the same county, as a matter of fact, James Michael Arnold, a 23 year old, was charged with second degree murder for the death of Justin Kane Anderson who died of a Fentanyl overdose last July. Is it ethical to ruin the lives of these kids because of the bad choices that their friends made? The people who died were adults in their own right and should be responsible for their decisions, in my opinion.

What do you think?

Wendy Lee Nentwig

By Wendy Lee Nentwig
Guest Contributor

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