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After Drug Rehab: Getting a Job or Re-Entering Your Career

Employment is a big part of an active and positive recovery. You need goals. You need something positive to fill your days. You need a way to pay back your debts. Finding a job is one of the best ways to do those things, but here are a few things to consider as you undertake the process.

Finding a Job You Can Deal and Assessing Your Career After Drug Rehab

Many in recovery report that the atmosphere at their job and how they feel while at work can make or break their recovery. This isn’t just a money issue. You may find a job that pays you six figures, but if the stress is too much for you to bear or you are surrounded by people who are actively abusing drugs and alcohol and you ultimately relapse back into addiction, it won’t matter at all. Here are a few “must-haves” when it comes to choosing a job after drug addiction treatment:

1. No drug abuse or use.

Two men business meetingIf you are surrounded by co-workers who smoke marijuana or do crystal meth on the job or come into work while high, it’s only a matter of time before you relapse. Avoid these jobs at all costs.

2. Low stress.

Any job that causes you stress due to a demanding boss, intense hours that are difficult for your schedule, work that is hard for you to undertake, or too much work expected in a short period of time can ultimately push you to relapse.

3. Interesting work or advancement opportunities.

If you find a low-key, laidback job where you get to work with good people – great! But if it starts to bore you or you find that you have a hit a ceiling in terms of your advancement opportunities, this too can be an obstacle to your sobriety.

The best idea is to find a job that is interesting to you that provides you with room for growth and progress, allows you to work with positive people, and means working hours that allow you to attend 12-step meetings or personal therapy and care for your physical health. Ultimately, if your current career path or the career you were in before drug rehab no longer serves you, it’s time to change focus.

By Wendy Lee Nentwig, Contributing Writer

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