5 Warning Signs of Alcoholism

There are a number of different warning signs that can let you know that alcoholism has become a serious problem for you. It’s not always easy to see it for yourself when you’re actively living with addiction, but if the following signs describe your experience and you drink heavily or often, then alcoholism may be a problem for you.

If you are struggling with alcoholism, help is just a phone call away. Here at The Canyon, we can help you get the treatment you need to change your life.

Alcoholism Warning Sign #1: Lying About How Much You Drink

Lying is always a sign of trying to hide something that you know is wrong, and when you lie about drinking, it’s clear that there’s a problem. No one will judge you for having a glass of wine with dinner or occasionally overindulging on the weekend or at a game.

But if you are drinking so much and so often that you feel more comfortable lying to those who care about you than admit it, then it’s a warning sign of alcoholism.
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Alcoholism Warning Sign #2: Hiding Your Drinking or Hiding Alcohol

In the same way, those who drink in secret or sneak off to drink know on some level that they are drinking too much. Hiding bottles of alcohol in the car, at work or around the house to make it easier to take a drink when you want one is another sign that alcoholism is an issue for you that requires treatment.99-thousand-deaths-blamed-on-excessive-alcohol-use

Alcoholism Warning Sign #3: Losing Your Job Due to Alcoholic Behavior

Drinking on the job or before work is an obvious sign that your drinking has hit a critical point. Chances are, you won’t keep your secret long, and you’ll lose your job as a result. What may be less obvious is when you miss work frequently or are too ill or drunk to maintain employment, it’s a sure sign that alcoholism is a serious issue for you.

Alcoholism Warning Sign #4: Losing Your Spouse or Partner Due to Alcoholism

If your spouse is yelling at you constantly that you are drinking too much, he or she may be onto something. Those closest to you are the first ones to recognize when you have a serious problem – and their swift departure when you refuse to stop drinking can be a
sure sign that your alcoholism has reached a crisis point.

Alcoholism Warning Sign #5: Trying to Quit Without Success

One of the surest signs that alcoholism is an issue for you is when you yourself decide that it’s time to stop drinking – and you can’t do it. Those who try to quit drinking at home on their own with little to no success are struck with a serious realization: either get professional alcohol addiction treatment or continue addictive drinking interminably.

Alcohol Awareness Month

If you are ready to begin an alcohol rehab program, The Canyon is here to help. Contact us today at 424-387-3118 to get more information and begin your journey to a new life without alcohol.

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By Wendy Lee Nentwig
Guest Contributor

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