How Residential Treatment Actually Reduces the Need and Cost of Healthcare

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It’s no secret that the costs associated with healthcare can be quite momentous. Whether it’s routine dental care, a check-up with your primary care physicians, or something more exotic like appendix removal, even individuals with the best insurance coverage will often be required to make an out-of-pocket contribution. Meanwhile, any individual without health coverage is forced to foot the entire bill on his or her own, and depending on the scenario, that could mean hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. Clearly, healthcare is expensive. In a perfect world, we could choose to simply stay healthy and spare […]

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New Study: The More Time Spent in Treatment, the Better the Chances for Long-Term Recovery

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The more time you spend in treatment, the more likely you are to remain sober, regardless of your substance of choice. According to a study published in January’s edition of Open Journal of Psychiatry, those who completed the standard, 30-day residential treatment program had just over a 50 percent success rate. However, those who stayed more than 30 days experienced a success rate of 84 percent, a nearly unheard of number.1 This is significant because most insurance plans only will pay for 30 days. Lead author Dr. Akikur Mohammad and colleagues said that means it is critical that people transition […]

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Turning Trauma into Triumph: How Tragedy Can Lead to Life’s Greatest Blessing

It may seem overly optimistic and unrealistic, until you talk to someone who has experienced it: Extreme trauma can lead to the oft-unrealized blessing of true inner peace and a better life. There have been examples throughout history: Princess Diana’s children, Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s inspirational life and even soldiers like J.R. Martinez, who despite having PTSD and losing half his face in a roadside bomb attack, went on to become a daytime drama television star and a motivational speaker. Much like “The Bionic Man” or “The Bionic Woman,” with the right treatment, therapists can rebuild those who have suffered great […]

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Addiction Treatment and Trauma

Of the many root causes of addiction, trauma has some of the most extreme mental health side effects. Luckily, trauma-specific treatment is available in addiction recovery. Whether the trauma stems from your childhood, teenager years or even from early adulthood, it has the capacity to affect how you use and abuse substances. By learning more about the types of trauma and how they are treated, you can become equipped with resources that lead to a path of healing. Regardless of your trauma history, there is hope and help out there.  

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Which Recovers First from Drug Addiction, The Mind or the Body?

When recovering from an addiction, the mind, body, and spirit are strongly affected in multifaceted ways. The chemical makeup of the drug forces individuals to be mentally and physically dependent on the destructive substance. Mentally, individuals may think that they need the drug to cope with everyday difficulties. Physically, the body becomes used to the effects of the drug. However, during the recovery process, the mind and body both need to recover in their respective ways. Each can recover at a different pace. Quick to Feel Improvement Often, the body may quickly feel incremental changes and “feel better” because it […]

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