Only a Quiet Pond Paints an Honest Picture

Ripples on the surface of a pond showing pebbles underneath

When we are going through a tough time, we’re inclined to think that no one knows how we’re feeling. And we’re right. All feelings are personal. But in thinking that no one knows what we are feeling, we are at one with what everyone else is feeling. Anything we are struggling with in the panoply of pain — from loss to addiction — the struggle is ours. But to have struggles in our life is common to all of us. Viktor Emil Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor. In his struggle he found, […]

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Many People With Depression Take Opioids, but Do They Really Help?

Woman looking out train window

By Stephanie Thomas Each day, news reports shed more light on the depth and breadth of our nation’s opioid crisis. Still, we have so much to learn about the reasons behind the current crisis. But some new research may help to enhance our understanding of this specific addiction — namely, that folks dealing with depression make up a significant portion of opioid-prescribed patients. With this knowledge, we can move forward to address a root of the problem — depression itself — in our hope to reduce opioid addiction in the years to come. Opioid Fatalities on the Rise More than […]

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How Common Is Alcohol Abuse Among Higher Income Families?

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Set in the 1960s, the TV show Mad Men portrays handsome, finely dressed Madison Avenue advertising executives routinely drinking alcohol. Drinking is shown as an integral part of their lives as these people drink at work, at business functions, at home and pretty much anywhere else. As stereotypical as these portrayals of wealthy, successful people drinking are, the truth might not be far off the mark. According to research, high-income households have higher incidences of alcohol use as well as higher incidences of binge drinking. Why Do Wealthy People Really Drink More? Proportionately speaking, people who make more money drink […]

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Is There a Connection Between Ambition and Depression?

Businessman looking out window

By Martha McLaughlin Ambition is generally defined as having a strong desire to achieve something and the will to work for it.1 It can be the impetus for much positive change. But can you have too much of a good thing when it comes to ambition? The Downside to Ambition In reality, too much ambition or wrongly focused ambition can lead to poor mental health. Sometimes goals and expectations may simply be too high. Our culture pushes the notion than anyone can do anything if they want it enough. Unfortunately, life and human beings both have limits. If goals are […]

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Going Back to Work After Treatment

Two men business meeting

By: Cindy Coloma Kyle taps his pencil on his desk and stares out the corner office window. This is what he worked for, all those late nights and weekends. The company car, the expense account and his nameplate on the door. It’s everything he ever wanted, isn’t it? As he turns back to his laptop, the words “addiction treatment” sit in his browser’s search bar, waiting for his command. Kyle knows he can’t live with his addiction any longer. He’s embarrassed to admit he needs treatment and feels shame that it has taken such a toll on his personal life. […]

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