Alcohol Street Names and Nicknames

Slang for Other Drugs

There are many names for alcohol. Booze. Brew. Cold One. Juice. Sauce. Vino. Hard Stuff. No matter what it’s called, there’s no question that alcohol is addictive and leads to health problems. As a matter of fact, over 87 percent of people ages 18 or older reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime.[1] It’s important to know the facts about alcohol to be properly informed about these health concerns.

alcohol nicknamesEach variety of alcohol has a different amount of alcohol. As a result, it is important to know the percentage by volume is for each type. Beer is one of the most common. It contains anywhere from 4 percent to 6 percent alcohol by volume. Wine has between 7 percent and 15 percent alcohol by volume. Distilled spirits, which can be drinks such as rum, gin, vodka and whisky, have a much higher percentage, and can range from 40 percent to 95 percent alcohol by volume.[2]

Because of alcohol’s prevalence, there are many nicknames and street names associated with it: “Everclear,” for example, is a dangerous drink that is 90 percent alcohol by volume. A “Hand Grenade” is a small bottle of pre-mixed alcohol with a sweet taste. This drink is often found at convenience stores and gas stations. “Jello Shots” or “Zippers” are gelatin products that have been mixed with alcohol and served in either an ice cube tray or in small cups.

Methyl Alcohol is an extremely dangerous form of alcohol found in household products like antifreeze, and can be very harmful if ingested. A “watermelon” is a literal watermelon injected with Everclear.

Terms Associated With Abuse

There are also many street terms for the consumption of alcohol. One activity that is popular in college is beer pong.This activity uses a hose to aid in the rapid consumption of alcohol. “Chugging” is a term used to describe the rapid consumption of alcohol. This usually occurs during a drinking game. A hangover is a feeling of illness that is experience the day after a period of heavy drinking, such as a “jag” (a term to describe a long period of heavy drinking or drug abuse). A “black out” occurs when a person has been binge drinking and has a memory loss that is experienced during this time.

Types of Distilled Spirits

street names and slang for alcoholThere are a variety of distilled spirits with a long list of nicknames and street names to go along with them. Gin is typically an English spirit, but has recently become extremely popular in Hungary. Liqueurs have a rich history in Hungary, and alcohol use dates back as far as the fourteenth century. Also popular in European countries are spirits known as “bitters.” These drinks are made of mysterious herbs and spices. Vodka has a long history in Russia, Poland and Finland.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab

alcohol-ctaNo matter what form of alcohol you struggle with, professional drug rehab is the best way to handle your addiction. Treatment restores both your physical and mental well-being. Through a variety of therapeutic sessions and a nutrition program we provide exceptional living standards for those seek relief from addiction-related disorders and mental health issues.

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