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On November 10, 2018, the Woolsey Fire destroyed The Canyon at Peace Park’s treatment facility. At this time, The Canyon at Peace Park is not accepting patients for any services. Click here to learn more about our closure or request medical records.

Welcome Letter

Hello and Welcome

The one hundred and twenty acres at Peace Park are arguably the most exquisite environment imaginable. Recognized for aesthetic beauty and spiritual qualities, it is truly a glorious oasis for healing. It is this serene and contained environment which permits a clear focus on the internal work that we help you to address. Maya Angelou has a lovely quote which describes our intention:

“We must take Fear,
and by Love,
Change it into Hope.”

It is The Canyon’s mission to provide the best clinical practices to serve individuals and their families in the treatment of co-occurring conditions. Our integrated treatment program is designed to meet the multifaceted recovery needs of individuals with co-occurring issues, both mental health and addiction, in relation to mind, body and spirit healing. We offer a variety of evidence-based treatment practices, and research has proven that our patients are more than twice as likely to maintain sobriety one year after treatment than those who attend traditional programs.

My commitment to you is that you will have a compassionate team of highly skilled professional staff members working with you to co-create a healing and wellness plan. It is our intention to not only find a recovery path that works for you, but to strive toward actualizing a wellness plan that will support an extraordinary life. No one deserves to live in pain or despair. The Canyon’s Healing Life Program is here to guide and support your journey of healing and wellness.


Warm regards,
Kathleen Bigsby, PhD

CEO of The Canyon

About Kathleen

As a clinician, Kathleen utilizes the best clinical practices in working with those who wish to actualize a life of healing and wellness.

Experience and Clinical Expertise

Kathleen Bigsby has specialized in the treatment of addiction and mental health issues since 1990. As CEO of The Canyon since 2005, Kathleen values what she regards as an extraordinary opportunity to lead a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals providing comprehensive and quality treatment. In addition to her doctorate in human development and master’s degrees in clinical social work and family systems, she is also a credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselor and a certified grief recovery specialist. In her roles as an administrator, academic and clinician, Kathleen’s career has focused on advancing best practices. She spent seven years teaching at Syracuse University and has also taught within the Department of Social Work at California State University.

As an experienced administrator, Kathleen has overseen comprehensive treatment programs in both New York and California. As co-chair of the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers of NYS Committee for Women and Family Issues, she brought her innovative and progressive strategies for treating families to a statewide level. Her mission has been to provide effective treatment services to optimize wellness and to support the achievement of extraordinary life goals. As a clinician, Kathleen utilizes the best clinical practices in working with those who wish to actualize a life of healing and wellness. She is dedicated to helping others find their personal sense of well-being through a journey that reawakens the dormant spirit with hope and a renewed commitment to the authentic self. She believes it is in living with intention and mindfulness that our lives can be transformed. As with most people who pursue this field of work, Kathleen has been touched by loved ones who have struggled, and that has inspired her to be of service and be a part of making sure that we continually seek to strive toward excellence in our system of care. In her free time, Kathleen loves to take advantage of all the natural wonders in her adopted home state of California. She enjoys hiking and climbing and appreciates the West Coast climate that allows her to pursue those activities year round.

Kathleen developed a career specialization in approaches that address the complex needs of the entire family system, acquiring additional training in family systems theory.

A Family Systems Approach

Kathleen began her career working with adolescents with co-occurring mental health and addictive disorders and soon recognized a need for treatment approaches that include the entire family. She found that in troubled families, the identified patient is often not the only member in need of treatment—or even the member most in need of treatment. This led her to develop a career specialization in approaches that address the complex needs of the entire family system. Toward this end, she acquired additional training in family systems theory and expanded her credentials in the fields of mental health and addiction, becoming an expert in serving individuals and families plagued by co-occurring disorders. One of Kathleen’s most rewarding experiences is seeing a family call in crisis for one individual and then decide to take action toward recovery as a group, each pursuing his or her own path toward greater health. This is what she describes as the goal of family-oriented treatment in its truest sense, and it is what continues to motivate her drive for excellence. The outstanding results demonstrated by this approach afford her the daily opportunity to realize her most cherished personal & professional career goals. The Canyon’s commitment to ongoing support & follow-up contact brings regular reminders of the lasting impact of participation in the community of recovery that has evolved at Peace Park.