At The Canyon, we assist each client in moving through a four-level residential treatment program that is customized to their unique needs. Each level features differing characteristics and includes new privileges and challenges, from Detox and Stabilization to Reflection, Preparation and Action. Counselors, therapists and medical professionals all work as a team with the client to provide the best possible outcome as they enter the recovery phase. Activities and a wide-range of therapies are all part of the treatment process at The Canyon.

Canyon programs

In addition to our state-of-the-art residential treatment program, we offer additional programs that supplement and support the treatment and recovery process:

Extended CareThis is a unique program that takes place on site at The Canyon in a separate facility. More freedoms are given, providing clients with a structured way transition from full-time residential treatment.
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Sober Living – This step down from formal treatment and/or The Canyon’s Extended Care program can be an important transition. The Canyon staff works with clients to find an appropriate Sober Living situation in their area, and we have contacts with programs throughout the United States.

Family Program – Our “Heal The Family” workshop is conducted the second weekend of every month, including multi-family groups as well as individual family sessions. There is an emphasis on educating families on the disease of addiction and how to deal with what their loved one is going through as well as the issues it creates in their own lives.

Alumni Program – Our Alumni Program provides an ongoing connection to treatment after the residential program is complete. Regular check-in calls at pre-appointed intervals give ongoing benefits as clients continue their recovery journey. Our quarterly alumni journals prove to be a valuable resource as well.

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