What Parents Should Know About College Binge Drinking

college binge drinkingCollege binge drinking is a huge problem at campuses across the country. Kids experience a life without restrictions and rules for the first time and take full advantage of the fact. With no curfews and no one to answer to on a nightly basis and a world of opportunity, it’s not surprising that one of the first things that most kids do is go out drinking. And with no one limiting their intake, it’s even less surprising that they usually drink too much.

When binge drinking becomes a problem, college students can develop health problems, do badly in class and lose out on the opportunities for the future. The Canyon can help.

Most College Students Are

Binge drinking is defined as the intake of more than four or five drinks in a row in one session. If you rarely or never drink otherwise, this is considered binge drinking. College students tend to drink a lot when they do drink, on the weekends or at games or parties, but hold off when they have classes. Most college students are binge drinkers especially in the first year of school. They’re excited to be out of the house, meeting new people and trying new things. However, it soon becomes clear whether or not the binge drinking is going to turn into a serious health risk.

When It Becomes Alcohol Addiction

Drinking a little too much every so often, as long as your child doesn’t drive or take unnecessary risks with their health and safety or that of those around them-and provided that he or she is of age-isn’t a big deal. But if binge drinking becomes a daily or almost daily occurrence, if the resulting hangovers interfere with school work and other activities, if he or she chooses who to hang out with and where to go based on whether or not alcohol will be present, then it is a big deal. Alcohol addiction or alcoholism can start even in these early years and, like any medical condition, identifying the problem and getting treatment quickly is crucial to a full recovery.

Getting Help for a Binge Drinker

getting help for binge drinkingConfronting your teen on his or her college binge drinking behavior is tricky. Few college students recognize the severity of their problem no matter how obvious it is to others. An intervention is a good way to gather those close to your teenager and confront him or her with specific examples of how dangerous the drinking is becoming. With a bright future ahead, the goal is to get your teen into alcohol rehab immediately to stop any further damage to their college career and to their health.

Rehab at The Canyon

The Canyon provides a comprehensive alcohol and drug rehabilitation services for teens and adults. Our drug addiction treatment first addresses the physical addiction and then follows it up with an intense treatment dedicated to helping your teen understand why he or she feels compelled to drink and then learn new ways to cope with the stresses and social pressures.