Dangers of Marijuana

Dangers of Marijuana

The most notable effects of marijuana use can be seen in short- and long-term memory loss, often called the “stoner syndrome,” which makes retaining information or performing complex tasks extremely difficult if not impossible. Persistent long-term use of marijuana results in a loss of brain function similar to individuals 2.5 times your current age.

Short-Term Dangers

Difficulty recalling events, even ones that just happened within the last few minutes, along with impaired perceptions of reality, slowed responses, and decreased coordination are some of the more well-known side effects of the drug. Risky sexual behavior is also a concern as STDs and unplanned pregnancies happen easily while under the influence.

Long-Term Dangers

While studies are not conclusive as to the long-term effects of chronic marijuana use, findings to date reveal users are more likely to develop:

  • Constant coughing with phlegm production
  • Frequent respiratory problems (chest colds, lung infections, obstructed airways) that result in more sick days and doctor visits than non-users
  • Impaired immune system/infection fighting responses
  • Cancer – especially in the lungs, respiratory tract, neck and head

Most chronic users experience mild to moderate marijuana withdrawal symptoms whenever the drug is not present in sufficient quantities. These include:

  • Restlessness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Shakes or tremors- especially in the hands

Dangers of Marijuana: Addiction

Addiction is defined by an uncontrollable, insatiable desire to use more of a substance, regardless of known risks or dangers to personal safety. Almost 300,000 clients across the nation identified marijuana as their primary drug of choice in 2004 when asked on the admissions form why they were seeking treatment.

While not everyone who uses marijuana becomes addicted, some studies suggest between 10 percent and 14 percent of users become heavily dependent. Side effects can be very subtle, but no less dangerous than other psychoactive compounds with adverse affects on brain function.

Warning signs that may indicate dependence or addiction to marijuana include:

  • Using more often, or more of the drug to get the same effect
  • Thinking about when you’ll be able to use again
  • Prioritizing drug use over other activities or responsibilities
  • Rejecting friends or relationships who are not involved with drug use
  • Realizing you’re only happy when you’re high or about to get high

Treatment at The Canyon

The Canyon treatment staff encourages abstinence as the best way to accomplish your goals of true freedom and recovery. Our separate male and female residential facilities offer luxurious amenities and stunning views to relax your mind and ease your transition into a drug-free lifestyle. Within this healing environment, The Canyon is distinctive for its comprehensive program and exceptional clinical team. The coping skills and healthy choices you learn to master here are designed to transition smoothly into your daily life after you leave. Rehab is just the beginning. The real work comes from within you – your decision to stay clean means you will be free to live your life outside the haze and come back in touch with what is most meaningful in your life.

Call The Canyon today for an individualized assessment of your needs. Our admissions staff is standing by 24 hours a day to assist you in breaking your addiction to marijuana as soon as you are ready.