Program Features

  • Our peaceful retreat of 16 beds offers a private environment of recovery that is singular in its offerings.
  • With a primary therapist to patient ratio of 1:4, each patient receives specialized attention.
  • Every individual is matched with an internist, psychiatrist and primary therapist to serve as his or her core clinical team.
  • Our staff is comprised of esteemed experts in the field of addiction science, allowing us to provide the finest innovations in integrated treatment to our patients.

The Canyon offers a unique opportunity to nurture personal awareness and restoration. Our program is recognized for a full mind, body and spirit approach, incorporating a range of time-tested therapies, 12-Step principles and research-proven treatment modalities. We focus on carefully molding a recovery plan specifically around you or your loved one. That is the signature of The Canyon. The Canyon at Peace Park has long been known as a center of spirituality, holistic healing and renewal.

Core Elements of Our Program

  • Specialized attention from a personal therapist
  • Meditation sessions and spirituality groups
  • Relapse prevention and recovery coaching
  • Holistic options, such as equine therapy, yoga classes and massage therapy
  • Experiential therapy, expressive arts and wellness and nutrition groups
  • Community and in-house 12-Step meetings
  • Family therapy, including monthly family weekend events and educational healing programs
  • Gender-specific as well as co-ed therapy groups
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR
  • Diverse educational groups, including trauma resolution, healthy boundaries, codependency, managing mood, grief/loss and anger management
  • Adventure therapy, including a ropes course, climbing tower and hiking trips in Zuma Canyon

Individual and Group Therapy+

Experiential work is the essence of our approach to the therapeutic process. We believe in the important one-on-one time between patients and therapists for safe discussion and processing, and we also find great value in peer interaction and support that comes through group time. That is why we have patients participate in minimum of 100 hours of group work and at least two hours of individual therapy weekly.

Family Program+

We believe in the healing of the whole family. Through educational & group sharing sessions, loved ones can develop new perspectives that will help them find personal healing and inform their roles in the recovery process. Our goal is to help families cultivate positive coping skills, communication & behaviors that promote renewal and healthy interaction. Read more about our family program.

Challenge and Adventure Therapy+

Challenge activities, such as the ropes course, climbing tower and reflections at the beach, are designed to address basic recovery issues as well as move you into deeper insight and healing. These group sessions utilize traditional group therapy, structured experiential group work, metaphor therapy and adventure-based counseling. Learning and internalizing the concepts of limits, boundaries, self-care, acceptance, letting go and accountability are important themes in this form of therapy.

Trauma Recovery+

Because statistics tell us that a majority of people affected by addiction and mental health conditions have experienced a trauma-related history, our services routinely incorporate trauma therapy within each individualized treatment program. Trauma therapy includes comprehensive recovery treatment for survivors of childhood and/or adult trauma of all types, with our approach individually determined to meet each person’s needs.

Our Spiritual Landmarks

Canyon Meditation Dome

The Meditation Dome

The Canyon respects and honors all spiritual traditions. The dome is one of many sacred spaces on the property where you may privately, or within the group experience, explore becoming spiritually centered. The Canyon at Peace Park is a naturalistic setting on 120 acres of property that provides an oasis of calm and serenity where you can spend time in meditation and self-reflection.

Our Fresh Food Plan At The Canyon, we believe that fresh, healthy food is part of the overall healing experience. Our chefs use the highest quality ingredients, such as pesticide- and antibiotic-free products as well as seasonal organic produce. They craft nutritional gourmet meals, taking into consideration each patient’s particular taste and dietary restrictions. Regular, fresh and delicious meals allow the body to reach a balance that helps reduce cravings, create strength, calm emotions and bring clarity of mind. Natural foods have a variety of healing benefits that can help restore a person’s body to health, and steady nutrition can have a profound effect on the recovery process.

Our executive chef Gabriel Boyko was classically trained at the California School of Culinary Arts: Le Cordon Bleu with a background in fine dining. He takes an eclectic and gourmet approach to organic, seasonal cuisine.

To find out more about our program, please contact us today to talk to an admissions coordinator. We’re available to answer your questions and get you and your loved ones on the path to healing from addiction and mental health conditions. Call us today.