Rehabilitation in Southern California

A tranquil, gorgeous setting plays a huge role in early recovery, making The Canyon in Malibu the best of both worlds for its beautiful location and top-notch addiction treatment services. As a facility that offers scientifically based treatment plans, The Canyon nourishes a person’s mind, body and soul.

Not only does The Canyon’s drug rehab program combine cutting edge and traditional therapies, it offers the kind of nontraditional therapies one expects in the progressive state of California. Patients enjoy holistic options like equine therapy, yoga and massage therapy and alternative therapies like experiential therapy and expressive arts. Plus, patients relax in the idyllic setting, making them more receptive to psychological therapies, further proof that rehab doesn’t need to feel like a prison to work.

Finding Rehab in California

There are many reasons to seek treatment in southern California. Some patients choose to travel from other states or regions as a way to completely separate from their old lives during treatment. Others want a beautiful setting to enjoy while they immerse themselves in the behavior changes necessary for living in recovery. At the beginning of treatment, choosing a facility requires knowing staff members offer evidence-based treatments and they support an individual’s need for personalized care.

The Canyon is a certified facility that builds treatment plans backed by scientific research and emphasizes the importance of treating all of a patient’s symptoms at the same time.[1]

Everyone with an addiction benefits when time is spent away from substance use. Inpatient programs gives patients a submersion experience that shows them how to live without substances. It is challenging to break ties with old friends and habits, so having an opportunity to build new routines without pushback is crucial. It’s also easier to avoid temptation focus on personal needs without the interference of day-to-day worries and stress.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Patients who suffer with an addiction along with a mental disorder need integrated treatment plans that address all their symptoms at the same time.Patients with mental disorders like schizophrenia, antisocial personality or depression need a treatment facility with clinical psychiatrists and a medical team on staff to adequately treat all conditions at once.[2]

In southern California, The Canyon is a licensed addiction treatment facility that specializes in treating co-occurring disorders through integrated therapies. A residential facility with a handpicked Master’s level staff, The Canyon provides an unparalleled therapeutic treatment program in the heart of Malibu.

What to Expect

Every treatment facility is different but only a small percentage of facilities offer a combination of evidence-based addiction treatments along with care for co-occurring conditions.

For patients who need treatment again after a relapse or patients who are addicted to multiple substances, the inpatient treatment at The Canyon addresses their more severe symptoms. While outpatient programs address the needs of patients with a shorter-term addiction, inpatient programs are intensive and more comprehensive.2

Furthermore, the treatment plans at The Canyon involve patients in the goal-setting process, making sure they are involved in the process and more motivated to make important changes. Most drug treatment centers believe in behavior modification, a treatment style that applies a one-size-fits-all philosophy. For example, traditional 12-step programs are based upon a form of behavior modification therapy. While these methods may work as a support system, they don’t offer the kind of individualized treatment that addresses multiple symptoms.

At The Canyon, we believe each person who stays with us is unique with different psychological needs, experiences, addictions and life experiences. All of these factors come together to create a distinctive individual at a distinctive point in time. As a result, every one of our patients has a personal treatment plan created just for them by a Master’s level clinician. This plan is updated and modified each week as progression and healing take place.

Reach Out for More Information

If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment or psychological counseling, call our admissions coordinators at The Canyon. We offer research-based therapies along with soothing treatments – all in beautiful southern California. Our coordinators offer information about services available at the facility as well as health insurance details. Call today to find out the best options for treatment and how to find help immediately.

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