Detoxification from Crystal Meth

Crystal meth rehab and detox are defined as the gold standard in medical treatment when it comes to crystal meth addiction. By addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of crystal meth addiction, a comprehensive crystal meth rehab can help you break your dependence upon the drug and learn how best to remain abstinent when you return home.

Physical Healing

Physical healing is the first order of business at crystal meth rehab and detox.

Detox comes first. The first requirement? That you immediately stop taking crystal meth in any amount. It sounds simple enough, but the crystal meth withdrawal symptoms that immediately follow-crushing depression, insomnia, aural and visual hallucinations, etc-can be debilitating and scary if you are without medical supervision. In some cases, medication is appropriate in order to help you rest more comfortably. For everyone, there are a number of therapeutic options available to promote rest and relaxation in order to ease the intensity of the experience and help you transition as smoothly as possible into treatment.

Psychological Healing

Psychological healing truly begins once you have stabilized physically through crystal meth detox.

An array of therapeutic options will be provided for you to choose from, some mandatory, others optional, that will allow you to explore the spiritual and emotional wounds that existed before you began using crystal meth as well as the ones that occurred as a result of your crystal meth abuse and addiction. Though identification of these issues is important, our focus here at The Canyon is to assist you in moving past these issues and learn new and healthful ways of dealing with problems as they present themselves. By learning new tools to deal with the stresses and grief that come simply by living, you can unlock a new you, a new life and a brighter future that doesn’t include drugs and alcohol.

Life Begins Anew

One of the biggest problems of starting over after crystal meth addiction is just that: starting over.

It’s not easy to make such large changes the shatter the foundation upon which you were living before you entered crystal meth rehab and detox. You will likely need to change your circle of friends, perhaps even your living situation and your job, find new forms of entertainment and new ways to relax. So many large changes all at once can be scary, but they can also be exciting. The sky is the limit in this new life. There are no limitations, no drug habit holding you back. Rather, you may discover new goals and dreams that may have seemed well beyond your grasp before or you may rediscover the goals and dreams that drove you before you took up crystal meth.

Rehab and Detox at The Canyon

The Canyon is a crystal meth rehab and detox that specializes in dual diagnosis treatment. Each of our Master’s level staff is a specialist in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.

If you would like to learn more about our crystal meth rehab and detox, please contact us today at The Canyon for more information.